Newsletter March 2016
Building works are still on-going for our annexe (see photos below).  I am putting together a video so you can get an armchair tour(!).
Benefits of chocolate.

Tips for keeping eyes healthy.

You can't watch QVC or TV ads without hearing the word 'peptide'.  Peptides are chains of amino acids and the easiest way to understand them is to see them as messengers.  These messengers instruct your skin to lay down collagen and collagen, in the beauty world, is the desired component which gives your skin plumpness and firmness.

First there was Matrixyl, a compound of peptides.  This was superseded by Matrixyl 3000, Trylagen then Matrixyl Synthe 6 which is the latest offering in peptides.  Just as you may do different exercises to tone your tum, these ingredients address stimulation of collagen, tissue repair and hyaluronic acid in various ways to the same end.

Studies have found that Matrixyl peptides do work to boost collagen.  It is rare to find a cream with Matrixyl Synthe 6, even rarer to find one cream which combines all 3 of the latest peptide groups.  Environ's DFP312 Avance is such a cream.  Light and easily absorbed, use it daily under your moisturiser and over your serum (if you use one).
Chinese New Year celebrations over, I thought I would share with you some videos.  I'm always being asked what is Chinese dancing.  The best way to explain is to show.  The junior dancers are the class that I teach.  The senior dancers are my daughter and her friends.
Thank you to all of you who've asked about Eddie.  This is him after his op to remove his one remaining eye.  As you can see, he still likes to sit in precarious positions.  If you've seen my facebook page you'll know that he had some bad bouts of scratching at the wound which I was able to heal with my wonderful Tamanu oil.
As mentioned in my last newsletter, we are having our garden annexe built.  Construction-wise it's almost complete, but work will continue to turn the mud patch back into a garden.  Apologies for those of you who come during the day as you may have to park in the 1st bay of Aragon Walk.
I thought this might interest those of you with children learning languages.  I found a site which aims to link families wanting to send their child/teenager/young adult abroad to exchange with like-minded families in other countries.  There is also the option of not exchanging at all but staying with a host family, or even becoming a host family, with the host family receiving a fee from the staying guest.
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