Newsletter February 2016
We're all go at the start of this new year.  I realise this month's edition is hot on the heels of the last one I sent out but that's the trouble when I am late one month and early the next.  Please take a moment to view my lion dance video, read about Chinese new year and, more importantly our impending building works.    
Some small habits that could make a difference to your life.

Some thought-provoking themes that you can cogitate and ponder over.

The trouble with a sudden freeze is the effect it can have on our skin.  If you need an extra layer, serums are perfect.  Here are my best friends for the winter season: the purest omega 3 and 6 extracts.  Mixed into a blend or even used on their own, they'll be that layer of fat that your skin cells need.  Think glass of water.  In no time at all, that water will evaporate.  Add drops of oil and evaporation slows down.  The same goes for your skin cells. 
When we adopted our one-eyed cat Eddie last year, we had hoped that with special care and eye drops, we'd be able to save his eye.  Sadly, after a bout of infections, the vet has decided it has to go.  Please don't be alarmed when you see him, he's still the same friendly cat who loves a cuddle.
Our Chinese New Year celebrations in Woking will be on
Saturday 13th February in Woking town centre by the shopping centres.  As always, there will be a parade followed by shows at 12.30pm and 2.30pm consisting of lion dance, Chinese dancing, martial arts, plus stalls selling Chinese goods. 
I will be drumming (ha ha) while my children will be Kung Fu-ing and dancing. 
Here is a video clip of them lion dancing.
This year Chinese New Year starts on February 8th which is pretty late for us.  If you are born in the year of the monkey, you will be smart, sharp-witted, mischievous, agile and energetic.  A bundle of fun, you are a roller-coaster in relationships but you are not malicious.  You can be good friends with dragons and rats but can rub up the wrong way with snakes and horses.
Other Monkey years: 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944
There will be work happening around our house during February, hence my rush to get this month's issue out now.  We are having a garden annexe built at the bottom of our garden so this means construction vehicles, sand, cement, pipes and lots of dirt, but hopefully not too much noise as most of the activity will be in the garden.  Those of you who come in the day will be affected by parking.  Whenever possible I will aim to park my car outside Aragon Walk so if you see a space on the drive where my car normally is, you can park there.  If a construction vehicle has taken my place, then you have 2 options.  There is the 1st bay on the right as you enter Aragon Walk, or there is Manor Crescent which is one road past Aragon Walk as you go down Godley Road, same side as our road.
For those of you coming after 5pm, there should be no effect on the parking.
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