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Introducing Zenii skincare supplements
For a long time I've wanted to bring in a brand of supplements which are more specific to skincare.  With Zenii I have found this and much more... 

Zenii is a doctor led vitamin range that is manufactured in the UK to GMP standards.  Created by skincare expert Dr Johanna Ward who takes a preventative approach towards looking after the skin.
Collagen is the protein in our skin and joints, giving the plumpness of youth but this protein disappears from our mid 20s.  By the time we hit 40 we've lost 40% of our collagen. 

The best collagen supplements to take are from fish (not shark) as these have higher bioavailability to the body than other animal collagen.  This means the body can use them more efficiently, quickly and effectively.  They help improve skin elasticity and moisture retention.  The collagen used in Zenii is Peptan which is the top brand.
How do you take your collagen? Available in powder, capsule or liquid form.
ProCollagen 120 capsules contain one of the highest amounts of Peptan marine collagen available, recommended 4000mg per day. £40.
ProCollagen+ powder dissolves extremely well in liquids.  Contains 10,000mg of type 1 & 3 collagen plus a host of amino acids.  £65.
Beauty Fusion is your all-in-one multi-vitamin/multi-mineral health and anti-ageing supplement with marine collagen 1 & 3, MSM, hyaluronic acid, CoEnzyme Q10, green tea, grapeseed, vitamins, minerals including zinc and magnesium.  Taken as a liquid shot £75.

With collagen supplements you get what you pay for.  There are cheaper ones out on the market but the best ones that the body accepts are from marine source.  The brand of collagen is important, also the way it is prepared and how it is packaged.
Special offer for June/July
Buy any of the Collagen supplements at 25% off.  This is the best price you will find.
Beauty Fusion from £75 to £56
ProCollagen+ powder from £65 to £49
ProCollagen capsules from £40 to £30
Environ Tri-Peptide
At the beginning of this year Environ updated all their packaging, re-named products and changed the branding and pricing.  This whole process has caused much confusion, even among therapists.  The peptide serum I used to stock which was called Avance DFP312 is the same product which is now called Focus Care Youth+ Tri-Peptide Complex Avance Moisturiser. 

Luckily, it's still the same powerful and hard-working serum with peptides and advanced ingredients to stimulate collagen growth in your skin.  I have found you can use this under your moisturiser even if it's not the Environ vitamin A.
Environ Focus Care Skin Tech+
One of the personal missions of founder Dr Des Fernandez was to create a mobile device that anyone can use at home to make a difference to their skin.  Watch the video.

Using the same technology from the professional in-salon DF machine, this home device targets frown lines on the forehead, wrinkle lines around the eyes and mouth, as well pigmentation from sun damage. 

By using low frequency soundwaves and pulsed iontophoresis, essential nutrients are delivered into the skin. It's like replicating the Environ facial on a home-scale basis.

You use the Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Device with the following Environ serums:
Retinol Serum (for more radiance)
Tri-Peptide Avance Elixir (reduce effects of UV, pollution)
Frown Serum (reduce appearance of frown lines)
HA Intensive Hydrating Serum (to hydrate skin with Hyaluronic Acid)
Colostrum Gel (to soothe skin)
Body Profile (to work on the double chin)

If you purchase a DF Mobile Device with a serum, you receive 25% off the serum.
I know there's a ton of home beauty devices out there and there's a lot that do barely more than dragging a stone across your face.  However, the DF Mobile has been a long time in the planning and making and nothing that Dr Des Fernandes brings out is less than excellent.  Priced at £395, it fits snugly among the few home devices that make a difference!
While you're browsing online looking for summer offers, try doing your shopping via Easyfundraising.  Maybe the website you're shopping from supports donations to charity so every time you shop with them, a % goes to the charity of your choice.  You don't spend a penny more than your purchase.  If you use the link below to join Easyfundraising, the charity of my choice (Autism Trust) gets an extra £1 !!!
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