Happy New Year! What's coming up in January?
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Happy New Year, Hikari Ryuza family!

Well, we sure feel like we’ve skid into the end of the year sideways.  2015 was a full and exciting year for us, personally and professionally.  We’ve seen tremendous growth and achievement within our family; on the fitness and wellness side: congratulations to all of you on your achievements this year: promotions, antioxidant scores, and life progress.
2016 isn’t the year we’re slowing down!  And we invite you along for the ride.

Hikari Ryuza Center closure dates

As a reminder, the Hikari Ryuza Center is closed for the Holidays and re-opens for classes on Tuesday, January 5th. Enjoy your New Years celebrations, and stay safe!

We will also be closed Sat, Jan 30th, so the Black Belts can celebrate Dr. Crimi's birthday with him.

You Say it’s Your Birthday?!

December 28th: Kokua Crimi-Herring
December 29th: Professor Shizumi
January 1st: Sensei Floyd
January 8th: Professor Mayfield
January 21st: Hugh Roberts
January 25th: Master Gowdy
January 25th: Sempai Lincoln
January 30th: Senior Grandmaster Crimi

A Warm Welcome to Hugh Roberts!

Dr. Crimi’s International student, Hugh Roberts arrived here from England on December 29th, and is staying through March 1st.  Most of you know that Hugh comes over to train privately with Senior Grandmaster a few times a year. We’re thrilled to have him for such an extended stay!  Please join us in a big Hikari Ryuza welcome for Hugh!

2016 Hikari Ryuza Center Calendar

Over the break we had our annual Yudanshai Kai meeting and planned out the events for 2016. If you would like to suggest an event, please give us a buzz..

Student of the Quarter


Has been chosen as Hikari Ryuza Center's "Student of the Quarter"
His recognition was based off of his extremely focused dedication in class, and as such has become a role model for his classmates. We interviewed him so everyone could get to know him a little better. Without further ado, we present: Harrison!

Interview with Harrison by Professor Shizumi

P: How old are you?
H: 6 years old. (Will be 7 on January 23rd.)

P: What grade are you in?
H: First grade.

P: When did you start training in Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu?
H: June 17, 2015 (Mom helped with answer!)

P: What is your favorite roll?
H: Suwari Yoko Chugaeri

P: How about your favorite fall?
H: Mae Sutemi (Front Fall)

P: And what is your favorite technique?
H: Ryo-Te Hazushi

P: Great. Thank you. Do you have a favorite color?
H: Red

P: What about a number?
H: 100!

P: Can you tell us something about yourself that maybe not everyone would know?
H: I know a lot about animals!
P: What kind?
H: Cheetahs, Peregrine Falcons, Wolves, and Kangaroos.

P: What is a really cool fact about one of your favorite animals?
H: Peregrine Falcons are really FAST! They can go 240 mph.

P: What are your reasons for studying Hikari Ryuza Bujutsu?
H: Because it's fun and that's why I want to stay.

P: What are some of the important things you are learning?
H: How to escape. We learn lot's of stuff. How to pay attention.

P: Why do you think I often choose you to be a helper?
H: Because I'm being good and focused.

P: If you wanted to invite a friend to Bujutsu, what would you say?
H: Will you please come.

P: What is your favorite part of class?
H: Games.

P: Sure, that makes sense. What is your favorite game?
H: Jump rope! 
*Sidenote from Professor - this is impressive because Harrison could not figure out the timing to jump into the rope when he was first introduced to it. Because of this he did not even want to try, but with some persuasive encouragement from me to keep trying, he (begrudgingly at first) kept at it. It was very exciting when he successfully jumped in for the first time. Now it is his favorite! This makes me very happy!!!

P: How far do you want to go in your Bujutsu?
H: To a 10th Degree Black Belt.
P: Wow! That will take a lifetime of dedication. Why do you want to do that?
H: Because you could train harder.

Coming up: 

January Detox and
Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to clear out the old and bring in the new? Remember: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Join us in our 22 day Detox and Fitness Challenge. We will be both detoxing from the inside out and the outside in. You do not need to be in any kind of shape to participate in this - it is customized to each person. You may also participate from a distance :)
When: Each Mon in Jan 2016 (4, 11, 18, 25)
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm

Where: Hikari Ryuza Center, 11990 Sunset Hill Rd, Penn Valley
Cost: $45

RSVP HERE on our Meetup group

February Grading

Get prepared to grade for your next rank in the month of February! The dates are lined out on our new 2016 calendar

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Look at Our New Website!

We’re really proud of our new website, and we’d love your feedback!  Check it out:
Facebook - Bujutsu
Facebook - Health
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