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Earlier this year, IABSE and Structurae announced their cooperation which is now bearing its first fruits. The cooperation has several aspects:

  • IABSE and Structurae will co-produce future editions of the IABSE bulletins "Structural Engineering Documents" and "Case Studies", of which SED 18 is already available and SED 19 is currently in production
  • The entire series of  (SED 1-18) is available for purchase and download as PDFs on Structurae. SED 10 and onward are also made available in print via Amazon Print-on-Demand in as many countries as possible. The Case Studies will also be made available soon.
  • Around 5000 individual papers from proceedings for current and past IABSE Conferences going back as far as 2007 can also be purchased and downloaded as PDFs from Structurae. 
Structurae also registers Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) and meta and citation data for the book series and conference papers on behalf of IABSE with Crossref, a service used by all major scientific publishers, making every title easier to find and cite. 
All Structural Engineering Documents
Structural Engineering Documents #18

Time-Dependent Behaviour and Design of Composite Steel-Concrete Structures

By Gianluca Ranzi (editor) and various other authors.

ISBN (Softcover): 978-3-85748-178-9
ISBN (PDF): 978-3-85748-177-2
ISBN (ePub): 978-3-85748-181-9

79 EUR incl. VAT for Softcover
59 EUR
incl. VAT for PDF/ePUB 

Steel-concrete composite structures are widely used throughout the world for buildings and bridges. A distinguishing feature of this form of construction is the combination of concrete and steel components to achieve enhanced structural performance.
The time-dependent response of concrete and its influence on the service behaviour and design of composite structures are the main focus of this SED. For the first time, a publication combines a state-of-the-art review of the research with the available design specifications of Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the USA. This publication intends to enhance the awareness of the service response of composite structures and of the latest research and standards’ developments. It is aimed at designers and researchers alike.

The review of research available in open literature is provided and arranged according to structural typologies, i. e. slabs, beams, and columns. It serves as background information for current service design rules and provides insight into the most recent research advancements. The review of available design guidelines presents the similarities and differences of the recommended service design procedures influenced by concrete time effects. Selected case studies of building and bridge projects show possible design approaches and the rationale required when dealing with the time-dependent response and design of composite structures. The authors of this publication are design engineers and academics involved in the service design and research on the time-dependent response of composite structures.
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