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There are few weeks left until the EXPO 2015 in Milan closes. I was able to visit in August and was very impressed by the various national and corporate pavilions. The designs are very unique and full of imagination and are not just of interest to the architecturally minded but can also be structurally intriguing. One of the guidelines given by the organisers to the pavilion owners was to use sustainable materials. Thus wood was often a material of choice for the structure or the façade (or both). Here is a selection of pavilions of the current but also structures from past universal expositions. 

Best regards
Nicolas Janberg
Editor-in-chief of Structurae

Expo 2015

Buildings of EXPO 2015 in Milan

Around 70 pavilions can be found on the 200 hectare Expo site in Milan. A large number of the 145 participating countries created their own pavilions as did some companies and international organizations.

Palazzo Italia (photo: Eugenio Merzagora)
German pavilion
Malaysian pavilion
British pavilion
French pavilion
Roof over the Cardo and Decumano axes
Chilean Pavilion
Tree of Life
USA Pavilion
Mexican Pavilion (photo: Eugenio Merzagora)
Vanke Pavilion
Brazilian Pavilion
Kuwaiti Pavilion
Azerbaijani Pavilion
On Structurae you will findmany more pavilions and other structures from EXPO 2015.

Structures from Previous Expos

Since the construction of the Crystal Palace for the first exposition in London, universal expositions have always also been a show of architectural and structural innovation. Among the structures built for world's fairs are the Eiffel Tower or the Space Needle. Here are a few more.

Expo Roof in Hanover (Expo 2000)
Expo Axis in Shanghai (Expo 2010) [photo: Knippers Helbig, CC-BY SA 3.0]
Atomium in Brussels, Expo 1958 (photo: Guy Warzée (c) SABAM Belgien)
Biosphere in Montreal, USA Pavillon for Expo 1967
One Ocean Theme Pavilion of EXPO 2012 in Yeosu (photo: Knippers Helbig)
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