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Buildings for Children

Designing a child care facility, a kindergarten, or a primary school is not just a matter of satisfying building codes. These structures need to provide a nurturing environment for the kids and satisfy the parents and teachers that the children will be safe. Here are some examples that are full of imagination and also structurally intriguing:

Nursery and Primary School in One

In the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis, one building was designed to host both a nursery and primary school. While the exterior façade is the same, the interior spaces and structures are adapted to the varying needs of the children at these different ages (Paul Le Quernec / Architectes). more >>

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A Walking Box

An installation in a Chinese child care center uses nets and cable suspension to let the children explore spaces in an entirely different way (unarchitecte/Zhang Hetian). more >>

Steel meshes for childcare center

Particularly in their first few years, children need space to develop freely, to move and play , they need inspiring learning areas for creative ideas. more >>

"The Enchanted Bubble"

A kindergarten for 55-60 children in Sarreguemines, France, creates a feeling of security through variable ceiling heights (Paul Le Quernec/Michel Grasso). more >>

+e Nursery

By a park in Marburg, Germany, this award-winning day care center offers friendly atmospheres for the children in an energy-plus building (opus Architekten). more >>

"Like a Giant Lego Building"

In Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City now stands a childcare and school facility where the various parts of the building are stacked like Lego bricks just as its masonry façade is made of real ones (KIENTRUC O). more >>

"Bridges – Challenges of Planning, Design & Construction"

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Boulay Nursery

Paul Le Quernec / Architectes

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