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They are less susceptible to maintenance work, and cheaper to build, and — according to some engineers — they offer greater design freedom than conventionally supported bridges. Yes, we are talking about integral bridges. Of course, we have already listed numerous integral and semi-integral bridges on Structurae with technical data, images, and a lot of other information, and we keep adding more.

In the section on  "Bridges by support conditions" we have included the following categories of bridges: 

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Sunniberg Bridge (Switzerland)

This five-span extradosed bridge with a very slender deck has neither joints nor bearings. The roadway is supported on a thin continuous slab with slim edge girders and forms a static and structural unit with the pylons and abutments. >> more

Ötztaler Achbrücke (Austria)

The bridge is a composite semi-integral box girder bridge with a steel trough below and a reinforced concrete deck with prefabricated concrete elements as permanent formwork. It is located in the Tschirgant-Bergsturz nature reserve on the ÖBB Innsbruck-Bludenz route. >> more

Harchies Bridge (Belgium)

Tied-arch bridge with integral abutments (no joints, no bearings) and spanning 68 meters. >> more

Vilafant Footbridges (Spain)

Two identical Vierendeel truss footbridges with GFRP decks and integral abutments. >> more

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