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Even though we hope that this December will not be quite as gloomy as our selected newsletter category, the current weather did inspire us to select impressive tunnels as this edition's topic.

Tunnels allow lines of communication to cross underneath or through obstacles such as mountains and bodies of water. They connect places with one another, from cities to countries and in some cases even continents (see Eurasia Tunnel below).

In Structurae, over 6,500 tunnels have already been documented. From the manually driven, antique tunnel of Eupalinos to the machine-built tunnels of today, you can find tunnels of any length and for any use. Here some of the more impressive examples:

Gotthard Base Tunnel

Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland)

At 57 km, the Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world as well as the deepest traffic tunnel. It crosses the central Swiss Alps in a north-south direction under the Gotthard massif, among other things, and is used for both freight and passenger services (up to 200 km/h). >> more

Thames Tunnel

Thames Tunnel (England)

The Thames Tunnel crosses underneath the River Thames in London, connecting Rotherhithe and Wapping. It is the first tunnel built underneath a navigable river and using the newly invented tunneling shield. Built from 1825 to 1832, the tunnel was originally designed for horse-drawn carriages but was used instead by pedestrians, and became a tourist attraction. It was converted to rail use later. >> more

Eurasia Tunnel

Eurasia Tunnel (Turkey)

The Eurasia Tunnel is a double-deck road tunnel in Istanbul, Turkey, crossing underneath the Bosphorus and thus connecting the European and Asian parts of the city. The tunnel was inaugurated on 20 December 2016 and opened to traffic two days later. >> more

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