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This summer I spent some time checking out recent bridges and other structures built in Belgium and the Netherlands, with a special focus on those designed by Laurent Ney and his firm Ney & Partners. I have to admit that I was deeply impressed by the ingenuity, fluidity and elegance of the designs, the attention to detail and the obvious wish of the designers that people linger and enjoy the bridge they are walking on. As usual, I took a great number of photographs of what I saw and hope that the images I selected capture the essence of the structures I visited. Of course plenty more photographs are available on Structurae. 

Best regards
Nicolas Janberg
Editor-in-chief of Structurae

Antwerp's new Havenhuis by Zaha Hadid

Recent Structures in Belgium & The Netherlands

The last decade has seen quite a number of beautifully designed bridges with innovative structural systems. Many of the ones shown here are the work of Laurent Ney and his team, but there are also other design offices which create innovative structures around both countries.

Ooypoort Footbridge, Nijmegen
De Oversteek, Nijmegen
't Groentje, Nijmegen

New Bridges in Nijmegen

The above bridges are all located in the Dutch city of Nijmegen. The small arch bridge is a still rare example of an FRP arch bridge, while the large steel arch called De Oversteek is a beautiful tied-arch design by Ney & Poulissen crossing the Waal river. The road leading to that bridge is crossed by another Ney-designed bridge, 't Groentje.

10th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions

Going in Circles in Eindhoven

The Hovenring is ipv Delft's unique, ingenious and beautiful answer to the problem of creating a cycling roundabout over a busy intersection.

Passerelle Céramique, Maastricht

Structures in Maastricht

The Céramique Footbridge crosses the Maas river in a single elegant arch of 164 meters. It was designed by Greisch.

Mosae Forum, Maastricht
The Mosae Forum in Maastricht features this striking interior courtyard with wooden columns holding up an intricate geometry of wooden elements.
The new Liège Guillemins Station
Liège can boast a Calatrava-designed railroad station that is just as sleek as the Thalys trains that stop there.

Bridges by Ney & Partners across Belgium

Laurent Ney and his team have been busy designing bridges with all kinds of different structures as well as mechanisms for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. They always seem to invite one to linger and explore their structure, take in the aesthetics and admire the amount of care that goes into every detail.

College Footbridge, Kortrijk
Fransman Footbridge, Brussels
Footbridge in Kokke-Heist
Second Temse Bridge, Temse
Albert Canal crossing at Oelegem
Verboekhoven Square Footbridge, Brussels
Smedenpoort Footbridges, Bruges
Piston-stayed bridge at Tervaete

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