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June - the Horse Month

The Chinese Lunar Calendar shows the energetic start of the month as 6th June.

June should be a month where we see things warming up, but this June the better weather will come in the second half of the month.  The first half we will continue to have cloud cover and some showers and it will be unseasonably cold for June.

The horse is an action-orientated animal, but the horse is not that strong this month.  It's a month where you may feel your progress is somewhat sluggish, as if you are taking two steps forward only to take one back.  It's best not to fight it and just go with the flow.  It's a month, where the best advice is to slow down and look after yourself.  You may have been working flat out or travelling a lot and be stressed and exhausted. Overexerting yourself is a drain on your energy levels and you risk making yourself ill, if you don't slow down a bit this month.  It's a good month to take a holiday, if you can.

Political leaders should double check their speeches this month, as the power and the action of the month sits with the people.  People will be able to see straight through any empty promises and are quite likely to voice as much.  This also goes for leaders in business, so if you are a leader double check your communication this month, emails, reports etc to ensure that your message is crystal clear and valid.

Feng Shui Enhancers for June

In June this year, we get the auspicious number combination of 168 in the North, so you can place a clear, fresh bowl of water in the North for this month, float some flowers in it too if you like, but don't let it get stagnant, keep refreshing the water and remove any flowers that don't look great.  

In addition, if you have a door in the North, use it!  If it's your front door, even better - you can receive good news and good things flowing in through your door to you this month.  Also ensure you have no clutter in this direction, as it stagnates and blocks the good chi from flowing to you.  And for extra good flow give it a good clean to freshen it up and sweep your front door step to keep the chi active here.

Have a good month!

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