7 Things YOU Can Do to Fight Crime in Buckhead

1. Say Thank you: If you have the good fortune to see one of our police officers, say "Thank You!" Take the time to show these officers, that are risking their lives and serving our community to keep us safe, that we appreciate them and appreciate their hard work. 

2. Bring a snack: Join in with Buckhead Council, Livable Buckhead, CAC or other organizations that support the Zone 2 staff with meals and treats. Or you can simply drop a tray of treats, cookies or snacks by a precinct and the officers love it. The Zone 2 Headquarters is located at 3120 Maple Drive, NE, Suite 300, Atlanta GA 30305 

3. Learn your tag number: No one expects to have their car stolen, but if it is, have your tag number memorized or a photo of the tag on your phone, ready to give to the officer. The faster they get the tag number, the faster it can be sent out for Citywide tag readers to track the stolen vehicle.

4. Clean your car: Keep your car clean of any items that may tempt a thief to target your car. This included leaving your keys in the car and locking up any guns or weapons you have in your vehicle in a car safe. It only takes a minute for a thief to grab a backpack or cell phone, so don’t take the chance even if running in for just a minute.

5. Connect Atlanta: Let the APD know if you have any security cameras, including your Ring Cameras by registering them with the APD through In the event of a crime in your area, they will know to contact you to see if you have any helpful video from your camera. Your privacy is secure; they will not have access to your cameras unless you authorize them to see the video.

6. Neighborhood Watch: Discuss with neighbors forming a Neighborhood watch for your neighborhood. Attend a training and information session on July 24, 2022. See this link for more information:

7. Write a Letter: We have some of the best officers in the United States. Write a letter to the Mayor and City Council and let them know that Atlanta needs to bring all our public safety personnel’s pay, including their pensions, up to a standard that will keep them working in the City of Atlanta. In addition to paying them what they deserve, these officers need proper working cars and equipment to perform their job effectively. 
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