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RVL Customer Bulletin 19 August 2020

Do people need to meet face-to-face?
Companies in which close-knit teams used to meet every day, now mostly do not. Boards, CEOs and Managers have questioned if corporate culture, whether that’s a set of shared values, or something even more intangible, is crumbling under the strain of remote work and people never being together. New research conducted by Quartz and Qualtrics suggests not. In a poll of over 2,100 professionals around the world, 37% said their company’s culture had improved since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic struck, while 15% said it had deteriorated. 53% said their companies had become more supportive, while 51% said they felt their companies had become kinder. The telling response though is that the 70% of people who identified their company as having a good culture pre-pandemic were more likely to say it had further improved, while those who said their culture was bad were more likely to say it had worsened. In other words, poor management remains just that, irrespective. Employees resent poor management whether it is remote or in an office so no change there. Also, as people start to meet face-to-face more frequently, while observing sensible precautions, and frustration with the uni-dimensional nature of Zoom and Teams, grows exponentially, there is a growing tide of people who want, and need, to meet others once more to accelerate the wheels of commerce. 'I want to see and observe their unspoken comms and body language' is how these people feel.
We say use air charters to move teams about to meet colleagues and customers. This is a growth area for companies all over the UK and Europe, and our own statistics prove it.
Hangar service
RVL is delighted that we were featured in the latest BBGA newsletter. Our experience is that while there are any number of companies who don't, or won't, take the time to engage with their sector-dedicated trade and business organisations, they lose much both in terms of potential new business and support when times are tough. Which, let's face it, they are right now. BBGA, BIFA, CBI, Logistics UK (previously the FTA) are just four which we rate highly, not least on their communications which, without exception, always contain something of value to us. Our fortnightly Customer Bulletins extend that trend and while we hope that you find nuggets of value in them, we are always keen to share your news, views and stories with our wide network. If you have something that you would like to share with us, and others, please send a note via the contact form on our website or give us a call +44 (0) 1332 819 830
Avinode perspective on the European market
Gustav Andreasen, Avinode's Director of Sales for EMEA says that since the coronavirus crisis began, European markets with a lot of domestic travel have done better than markets reliant on cross-border flights. "Across Europe, we’ve seen operators and brokers being creative to respond to the situation. Some aircraft have been converted for ambulance and cargo operations and, similarly, I’ve talked to brokers who have moved from only handling business charter flights to arranging medical and freight flights too. It will be very interesting to see what this summer is like and even more interesting to see activity in 2021, considering all the major events that have been pushed back until next year. I’d say the mood of the industry remains fairly optimistic right now. Following COVID-19, we may see a growing number of people and companies flying privately for health and safety reasons. A lot of brokers tell us this trend is already underway." We can confirm Gustav's view; one of our charter flights last week, as it happens through Avinode, was a UK domestic trip.
East Midlands: the leading air cargo hub model
The UK Department for Transport has granted permission for Manston Airport in Kent to become an air freight hub. The project developer, RiverOak Strategic Partners (RSP) has said that construction will begin in 2021, with cargo services expected to start in the first quarter of 2023. RSP has committed to an investment of £300m for the project. Manston closed in 2014 following its failure as a short-haul airport catering for the local area. The project is likely to face opposition from local campaigners concerned about the environmental and noise impact of the project who fear that RSP “ not want to bring back the small, local airport that people remember fondly. They want a massive cargo hub that is equal to operations at East Midlands Airport.” Others in the local community welcome the development, hoping that it will bring jobs to the area.
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