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RVL Customer Bulletin 05 August 2020

Makes one think…
Irrespective of pandemic prevention rule relaxations, often followed by a reversal and contradiction hours after they were announced, RVL has remained cautious and has maintained social distancing, alongside personal and place of work hygiene measures, on an ongoing basis. We knew that we were lucky, though, and this week we had our first scare. A member of the team reported that he was unwell and went immediately to A&E while his colleagues went to the nearest testing station. Happily, he was found to be clear (it was a dose of 'summer flu') as were his colleagues. Phew! We were pleased to see that in practice our systems are robust and work well. Second, we recognise that it was easy to become complacent about the basics which, essentially, boil down to endless hand-washing with lots of soap and hot water, and keeping one's distance from others. The virus is live and kicking in all communities, is not going away for some time, and our guard remains up for the foreseeable future. Not because of this scare – it has been in planning for some weeks - we are putting into place a new office layout and have modified the RVL space so that all of us, and all visitors, are as safe as is practically possible.
Green light for events
Conferences and business events are likely to start again in the UK from October 1 provided rates of infection remain at present reduced levels, the Government has announced. Social distancing will have to be maintained, and almost certainly masks will be mandatory. The sector is worth approximately £32.6bn to the UK each year and the organisers of the 5th British-Irish Airports Expo - scheduled for October 5th and 6th at Excel London - are set to announce the first, post- lockdown, major airports trade show. Moving organisers, participants and exhibitors will require a reliable and robust passenger and cargo charter service, which is what we do. We are on the prime passenger and freight charter platforms Avinode and CharterSync, and you are always welcome to contact us direct. We're standing by for your call.
Piston, Turbo or Electric?
RVL has both Turbo-prop and Piston engine aircraft in our fleet, both of which have advantages and disadvantages to us as operators, and customers who charter our aircraft. The technology is changing rapidly, not least as electric aircraft are generating articles across the specialised media. Obviously, we keep a careful eye on all future developments. Our Air Tech and Operations departments have their respective fingers on the pulse of developments. That said, our driving forces remain service reliability and cost-efficiency for our customers. Our business planning involves growth as a result of customer satisfaction, repeat business in other words, and strong relationships to maintain that curve. That said, we are flexible and always ready to listen and respond to customer suggestions, ideas, feedback and questions. Feel free to call for an informal chat whenever you wish.
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