Public Health Evidence Bulletin

24th July 2020, no. 296

City and Public Health Intelligence Team Covid-19 dashboard

Hackney’s Public Health Intelligence Team have been tracking Hackney’s coronavirus (Covid-19) profile since the beginning of the pandemic. In recent weeks they have developed a dashboard to display timely statistics on Covid-19. It is hoped that by collating data from a range of sources and comprehensively presenting it in a central area, this dashboard will support the local response through informed decision making. This briefing summarises the content of the City and Hackney Covid-19 public dashboard.

Covid-19 Cases

As of 22 of July, a total of 896 Covid-19 cases were registered in City and Hackney: 20 in the City of London and 876 of these were in Hackney. The number of positive cases has increased over the three weeks in July compared with the late May and June figures. 

Some of this increase is explained by an increase in the number of tests carried out in the community. In the 14 days between 23 June and 6 July, 1,931 Pillar 2 tests were carried out. In the subsequent 14 days (7-20 July) 3,692 tests were carried out - nearly twice that of the previous 14-day period. However, in the same time period, there was also an increase in the proportion of tests that returned positive results; up from 1% (22 positive tests) between 23 June and 6 July, to 2% (72 positive tests) between 7 and 20 July.

Covid-19 cases by Borough

As of 22 July, the highest number of Covid-19 cases to date had been recorded in Croydon - 1,866 cases in total. Generally, a higher number of Covid-19 cases have been seen in the south and north-west London boroughs. The lowest number of cases have been detected in the City of London - 19 cases in total. The latter figure includes resident only cases.

In the two weeks running 9 to 22 July, the highest rise in cases was observed in Hackney. The 65 Hackney cases recorded on the site during this period was nearly double the number seen in Barnet, which is the borough with the second highest number of new cases (34 cases). In contrast, the City of London saw the lowest number of cases in this period - two cases were reported. Previously, the City of London had not seen any cases since 29 May. 

Covid-19 deaths

By 10 July, 228 deaths involving Covid-19 had been recorded among residents of Hackney and the City of London by the Office for National Statistics: 224 of these were among Hackney residents, and 4 were among City of London residents.

The number of deaths due to or involving Covid-19 in Hackney and the City of London has reduced significantly since its peak at the beginning of April. In the fortnight between 27 June and 10 July, 0 Covid-19 deaths were registered in Hackney, and 0 were registered in the City of London. No Covid-19 deaths have been registered in either of the boroughs since. The number of deaths in Hackney and the City of London has been similar to the 5-year average since mid-May.

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