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Spring Newsletter

The school year may be winding down, but zSharp's music classes are ramping up with lots of end-of-the-year concerts full of joyous singing and raucous sounds! 

End-of-Year Events 

The end of the school year is a busy time at zSharp's partner schools. Eight concerts are planned for late May and early June, as well as four Open Houses. In addition, Montalvin Elementary in Richmond is having an International Day celebration with music and performances showcasing cultures from around the world, including African dancing and Japanese karate. 

The fall term ended with eight performances as well, including concerts for family and friends, sing-a-longs, school-wide assembly performances, and two special Black History month events.

Looking Back 

This school year, zSharp reached almost 8,000 students through its 15 East Bay partner schools. A majority of these students come from underprivileged communities, with 58% of the total identifying as Hispanic (68% at our scholarship schools) and 16% as African-American. 88% of the students at our scholarship schools receive free or reduced meal vouchers. We ordered over 1,500 instruments, including 99 tambourines, 115 drums, 263 pairs of rhythm sticks, and almost 700 recorders! 

Is Music the Key to Success?  

Steven Spielberg. Larry Page. Condoleezza Rice. Alan Greenspan. What do all of these famous people have in common? They, along with many other successful individuals, had serious musical training early in their education. This New York Times op-ed by Joanne Lipman explores the correlation between early childhood music education and high achieving adults. "Music may not make you a genius, or rich, or even a better person. But it helps train you to think differently, to process different points of view—and, most important, to take pleasure in listening." 

In Honor of His Brother

zSharp would like to extend a special thank you to Edrick Thay for his recent contribution of $100,000 in honor of his brother, Victor, who passed away in 2011. A UC Berkeley alumnus, Victor Thay loved playing piano and singing in choirs and, like his brother Edrick, was concerned about the disappearing funds for music education. A resident of Toronto, Canada, Edrick Thay visited zSharp partner school Peres Elementary in December, where he attended a student concert and met with zSharp teachers and staff. Mr. Thay's gift honors his brother's memory by supporting the Bay Area and music education—two things he treasured most throughout his life. 

New Support from ROOF

zSharp is proud new recipient of support from the Red Oak Opportunity Foundation (ROOF). Funding from ROOF has helped launch our program at Learning Without Limits. Based in Oakland, Learning Without Limits is a member of the Education for Change public school network, with whom zSharp is building an exciting new partnership.  
For only $139, one child receives comprehensive music education every week for a year. 
Have you seen this beautiful video? Students in Chile pursue their love of music to escape poverty. 
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