Fall 2015

C&G Quarterly

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our quarterly newsletter! We make our newsletter a regular publication and purpose it to keep you in touch with developments in the law, the community and what's going on at C&G! Special thanks to our readers for keeping in touch!

So...what's been going on at C&G?

We've been keeping busy at C&G, taking every measure to ensure high-quality service and client satisfaction and staying active in the legal community. Here are a few things we have been up to:

21-hour Philo Invitational Seminar for Trial Attorneys

This seminar is an invitation-only seminar, presented to 60 attorneys from 14 different states. The law is ever-evolving and our knowledge and strategy must evolve with it. In September 2015, Attorney Crump-Gibson was extended an invitation to participate in this exclusive seminar to maximize strategy, share her experiences and stay abreast of current legal topics. The event took place at the Courtyard Marriott-Downtown Detroit.

C&G Founder selected to 2015 Rising Star list!

Attorney Crump-Gibson has once again been selected by Super Lawyers to the Rising Star list. The Super Lawyers designation is conferred upon the most respected legal practitioners in the state and is based upon peer recognition and professional achievement. Rising Stars are those up-and-coming attorneys who are 40 years of age or younger and have practiced for 10 years or less. No more than 2.5 percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team to receive the honor. Attorney Crump-Gibson is truly humbled by this recognition!

Work at the State Bar
Attorney Crump-Gibson was reappointed by the President of the State Bar of Michigan to the Diversity &  Inclusion Advisory Committee. The Committee reviews concepts and ideas and makes recommendations about SBM initiatives and programs addressing inclusion within the legal profession and approaches to measuring progress in the area of diversity and inclusion. The Committee held its first meeting of the Bar Year in September 2015 and has already hit the ground running, with a groundbreaking program planned for lawyers and judges geared at learning to identify and avoid the common mistakes triggered by unconscious bias.

What's going on in the law?

The Michigan Street Fairness Act

Amazon shoppers!! Get ready to pay a little more! Expect to start paying Michigan's 6% sales tax on your online purchases from some of your favorite retailers!  That tax is no longer just for in-state purchases you make in person. A new law, signed by Governor Snyder back in January, applies to stores with a business "nexus" to the State like Michiganders are supposed to report any online or out-of-state spending and pay it on their annual taxes. Many people do not.  Due to take effect October 1 2015, the new law allows the State to be able to collect sales tax for purchases made through online retailers that have a physical presence in the State. Want to read more on this? Click the link below to read a piece on this bill from when it was signed into law:

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries- Coming to a neighborhood near you??!

We have been approached by a number of organizations regarding clarity on medical marijuana dispensaries. Dispensaries, as they are commonly understood, are TECHNICALLY illegal under state law (the 2008 Michigan Medical Marijuana Act does NOT make their legal status clear) and there are no local laws in the City of Detroit to regulate them. Contrary to this fact, an alarming number of dispensaries are operating in the City of Detroit and other cities without regulations. There is a draft ordinance currently in progress in Detroit that would allow for SOME form of a dispensary and at the same time comply with the current state law. Notwithstanding these efforts, there are three highly controversial bills that have been introduced in the State of Michigan House of Representatives regarding state regulation and protection for providers (individuals and businesses) of medical marijuana, tracking requirements and a steep tax to be borne by patients! What are your thoughts on this highly controversial topic?

Read more at these links on Detroit's efforts and the three house bills below:

In this issue, C&G is switching one of its typical features with the top Frequently Asked Question! Sometimes, clients benefit from questions asked by others. Get ready to learn!    

Q: I operate my business by myself. It's a small operation. Why do I need to take the time and money to incorporate?

A: There are a few disadvantages in operating as a sole proprietorship/ merely using a DBA. The biggest disadvantage to operating as a sole proprietorship and failing to incorporate is that your PERSONAL ASSETS are consequentially at risk. When you do not incorporate or organize, the proprietorship and owner (you) are treated the exact same.  This means lawsuits filed against your “business”, including collection efforts, breach of contract, damages or disputes resulting from a service or product, etc., are really being filed against you. If you are a caterer, what will happen if someone becomes severely ill with food you serve? What if you are a barber and accidentally give someone a nasty gash when doing a close shave job? What about event planning services or photography? You may come across that one nightmarish client and find everything you have on the line! Sure, insurance is a necessary plus, but it’s not the only answer.

With an organized entity (i.e. corporation or llc), you are offered more protection against your personal assets. While there are some instances in which your business practices and personal actions can result in you losing that protection; it’s in most cases a safer bet.

There are other things to consider. As with anything, talk to a lawyer FIRST! More questions about this? Call us today!

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