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Heated?…Chill Out!

Countless studies have shown that incidences of crime increase during the summer months. In fact, across the country, crimes soar throughout the months of May-September; with peaks on the hottest days of summer. From assaults and disorderly conduct to property crimes and theft; crimes increase across the board. Interestingly, this phenomenon is also seen in areas that are warm year-round.
Studies point to the fact that on warmer days people are outside more and social interactions increase. Researchers speculate that “heat aggravation” (irritability and anger that results from increased body temperature) may also play a role in the increase in crime. In response, law enforcement devotes more resources to combating crimes during these months; including increased patrols.

So chill out! The summer is a time for all of us to celebrate our collective survival of the polar vortexes. In the unfortunate event you find yourself facing a criminal charge, contact Great Lakes Legal today!

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