C&G Quarterly:
*The 'Finale' Edition

Closing out...

We had a wonderful year at C&G. Thank you for keeping in touch as the year progressed! We value your continued support. Make sure to stay in touch going forward for the latest legal updates and what's going on in the community! Here's a brief recap of what's been going on at C&G in the 4th quarter...

C&G 'wonders' with students

C&G partnered with I'm Saving Myself Nonprofit Organization and Detroit Public School Dossin Elementary/ Middle School to offer an unforgettable experience to youth. The students sat in on sound check and got a chance to meet and talk to the legendary Stevie Wonder! A few were able to stay after to take in the Songs in the Key of Life tour!

"The Top Ten"

C&G partnered with The Moulden Agency to present "The Top Ten"... a workshop for business owners covering the legal basics- the "top ten" facts that every business owner MUST know! We had an awesome group of entrepreneurs from eatery owners to counselors. Stay tuned for C&G's upcoming business seminars- you won't want to miss out!

So, what's going on in the law...???

Change is coming...Medical Marijuana in Detroit. Will the grass be greener?

The Detroit City Council may soon be enacting an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance crafted to allow for and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. The public hearing on the newly introduced ordinance is set for December 17, 2015. This has been a topic of contention with many implications for quite some time now. And while there has been a common consensus among industry proponents and critics that regulations need to be adopted, there is concern that the proposed ordinance is too restrictive. Specifically, industry stakeholders are concerned that the need to address the proliferation of medical marijuana facilities may result in the shutting down of legitimate businesses serving a need- which may lead to a spike in black market activity.

At the state level, bills are slated to hit the Senate floor relative to medical marijuana regulation. The proposed bills will allow local municipalities a considerable amount of autonomy in the regulation of these types of facilities. This is why the regulations Detroit passes are so important. Stay tuned as C&G follows this issue closely! Interested in reading the currently proposed ordinance? Click the link and scroll down to find the November 24, 2015 draft under Current Proposals. 

Will your exempt employees still be exempt?

Changes are coming to the rules concerning employees exempt from overtime. As it stands now, if executive, administrative and professional employees meet certain minimum tests related to their primary job duties and are paid on a salary basis above a specified amount, they are exempt from overtime pay. Currently, the salary level for exemption is $455 a week ($23,660 a year). There are a number of key provisions in the newly proposed rules that would take effect in 2016. Notably, the salary minimum would be raised from $455 a week to $970 a week ($50,440 a year). This is huge for employers. Keep in touch with us to stay abreast of this issue!

New minimum wage for Michigan employees

Beginning January 1, 2016, the minimum wage in Michigan will increase from $8.15 an hour to $8.50 an hour. The increase is part of legislation previously passed that will increase the minimum wage to $9.25 by January 1, 2018. Tipped workers will see an increase from $2.65 to $3.10 an hour. Questions? Concerns? Contact C&G today!

Revisiting changes to the Nonprofit Act

Earlier this year, we discussed some of the changes that were made to the State's Nonprofit Corporation Act. We could not let the year end without bringing these changes to our readers' attention again. One of the most significant changes involves the expansion of limited liability protections available to the directors and officers of nonprofits to include third-party claims for money damages for action taken or failure to take any action. Other changes enable organizations to reduce quorum requirements, allow the formation of certain committees, election of board members by proxy or electronic transmission and much more.

There are several facets to these amendments and other significant changes in the Act that have been made. All nonprofit organizations should meet with their counsel to review their articles of incorporation, bylaws and practices to ensure compliance with the new law. Need assistance in reviewing your documents and policies? Contact us TODAY!

Looking for something to do with the family...??

There are a number of great events to attend in the Metro-Detroit area during this holiday season. Check out the link below for some great activities!

The C&G team wishes all of you a safe and enjoyable holiday season!! We look forward to staying in touch next year!!!

 *This Edition of the C&G Quarterly is dedicated in loving memory to Rev. Dr. Henry Allen Crump