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Message from the Executive Director

It's hard to imagine it is the year 2020, but more specifically, it is hard to imagine the changes that seem to be happening at lightening speed in our world. Many of those changes stem from advances in technology, and after 30 years in the workplace, I am well aware of the continued learning I have had to do to stay current and employable in my field. Who remembers the days of interoffice mail?  A system that has now been replaced by email, online video conferencing and shared online documents to make collaboration a touch-of-the-button possibility.  Keeping up with these changes is not always easy and makes me grateful that I have the essential skills to keep on learning. The essential skills are not used in isolation, so aside from improving my digital literacy skills, my document use, communication and thinking skills are also getting a workout.     

Other things I'd like to share:
Cannexus – Over 100 people came to our presentation at Cannexus in Ottawa last week to learn about our new project, Guided Pathways: Integrating Essential Skills. We were excited to announce our recruiting call. More information on that can be found here

Influences: Lessons from policy and practices in literacy and essential skills in Canada, 1990-2019 -  This is a new report produced for CUPE and is well worth the read. Find it here

Stay warm,
Cindy Messaros

Thanks to all the career development practitioners who participated in our national survey at the end of 2019.  We're carefully sorting through the data and look forward to the next phases of the project.  Stay up to date on this exciting national project by checking for project updates on our website.
We're excited to announce that the Working Faster, Working Safer workbook and videos can now be accessed through the AWES website.  The workbook and videos were designed for use with CLB 1-2 level learners who are interested in the hospitality sector.  Find them on our tools and publications page.
Remember we are always happy to hear from you, let us know what you like and what you would like to see more of from AWES. 
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