December 2018 eBulletin
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Lower Nehalem Community Trust

Connecting to our Common Ground

From Karen Mathews ~ LNCT Garden Manager

With the close of another year of community gardening at Lower Nehalem Community Trust (LNCT) it is rewarding to see peoples’ connection with our community, the health of our garden soil, and how all of that plays out in the natural world.

Each week in the garden, we include a lesson that is seasonally applicable. After a year of garden teachings, our annual survey reveals that some people join the Community Garden program specifically to learn about growing food using organic techniques, others come for the commaraderie, and many others want to help with community food security efforts. Regardless of the individual focus, one common theme is that we all learn about how our actions intertwine with and impact the Earth.

“Food, Water, Shelter;  three basic human needs

The first two elements - food, water - have been negatively impacted by modern commercial farming practices over the past several decades with widespread use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. As good stewards of the earth the community garden members are commited to protect the health of these precious resources. We use only organic amendments with extensive use of compost to build a healthy soil. To conserve water we have transitioned to drip irrigation systems which deliver water directly to the root zone of our  plants. While our garden education program focuses on elements that we can see within the acre of cultivated land that we tend each week, it is the inter-connectedness of our actions  on adjacent land and water that causes the most “ah-ha” moments in our lesson talks. What we put in the soil eventually ends up used by the plants and any excess ends up in the rivers, bay and eventually into the ocean, It is our job as members of the community to understand that we are all connected and our actions impact the Earth. That is how garden practices roll out to support the overall Trust Mission: To preserve land and nurture conservation values in partnership with an engaged community in the Nehalem region of the Oregon Coast.
ln less than two decades, LNCT has protected 230 acres of land, developed and implemented plans to restore the habitat, and continues to work on protecting the water quality of coastal streams, Nehalem Bay and protect critical wildlife habitat in our community. And, we have educated people in how they are connected to nature and our common ground.
As the population in the Pacific NW grows, we have witnessed increased pressure on lands at the Oregon Coast. It is critical that we share our knowledge and practices to be good stewards of the earth AND set aside even more land to faciliate a balance of wild spaces that allow protection of natural resources for generations to come . This all takes resources to aquire, manage and maintain.

 We look to our community to help support the work of preserving and stewarding lands that we will all benefit from over gener-ations to come.  LNCT land holdings have increased significantly since  inception in 2004 to over 230 acres today and are expected to continue to grow going forward. As we have increased the amount of protected land, so too has our need for growing our professional staff and resources to manage the organization. 

It is only through your generous support that we make all this happen and we appreciate your contribution as our Community moves into the future with a healthy ecosystem and a wealth of wild spaces. Won’t you join us in learning, sharing and supporting the natural areas and how our Community connects with the Earth?

This year, for our Fall Appeal, we set a goal to raise $70,000. That is almost double of what we raised in the 2017 and we are at 25% of our goal already! 

Thank You Kindly!

Download the full copy of our Fall Appeal here as well as our Annual Report for 2017-18


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