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Blessed Peacemaking
David Horvath, Passionist JPIC Office

"Sowing peace is holiness, and, as such, it is a sacred undertaking. For those who continue to craft peace, they begin to understand that while they may be working on behalf of someone else, the work they do is transforming their hearts and minds. This transformation deepens their experience of and expression of holiness."
Read David's whole essay, Blessed are the Peacemakers here.

This essay was taken from the Fall issue of Passionist Magazine. You can see the whole issue here.
Hate Crimes: Let's Stop the
Cycle of Mourning and Moving On

Something horrible happened here in Louisville, Kentucky (home of the JPIC Office), just two days before the shooting in the Pittsburgh synagogue.  A man named Gregory Alan Bush shot Maurice Stallard and Vickie Lee Jones to death at a Kroger store, minutes after he couldn’t gain entrance to a black church. Stallard was murdered in front of his grandson as they shopped for school supplies. Jones was gunned down in the parking lot. Bush did so for no other reason than they were black.

We offer this editorial from the Louisville Courier Journal as a reflection on the linkage of these hate crimes and also stressing our responsibility not to "mourn and move on..." as we are patterned to do.

Local writer Ricky Jones writes, "We must face that many of us have been anesthetized.  We quickly and blankly move from nasty event to nasty event, death to death. We say, 'That’s terrible.'  We mourn. We have morphed into little more than violence voyeurs captivated by the spectacle, but refuse to seriously fight to change the system. We mechanically pray for answers and aid, but none come. We seem frozen in time with suffering, and even God seems to refuse to hear lamentations, whether they are whispered or screamed."

Read the whole editorial here

What is Your Carbon Foodprint? 

Harvest time is approaching, our tables are bountiful, and soon we will bring together our loved ones in celebration. This celebration is strengthened by including deliberate and sustainable food choices. Across faith traditions there is the history of welcoming friends, family, and even strangers into our home and nourishing them with delicious food. We know how to make wholesome meals and now we can learn about ways to make meals more sustainable with a lower carbon "foodprint".

Learn some simple says to reduce your carbon foodprint and host low carbon events with your friends and family. You can download your Interfaith Power & Light Cool Harvest kits here.
Human Rights Defenders

Global Witness has produced a new 72-page report entitled “At What Cost? Irresponsible business and the murder of land and environment defenders in 2017.”  At least 207 environment defenders were brutally murdered in 2017 – the deadliest year on record, with the rising death toll linked to demand for consumer goods like coffee, bananas and palm oil.
Download the report 
Watch a 3-minute video
The Ecological Damages from Extractive Industries

Extractive industries are a major contributor to climate change, since they are responsible for extracting the natural resources whose consumption and extraction release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Even metallic mining such as silver and iron contribute to climate change given the energy needed to extract it, transportation to another country or region where it is processed and then sold. 

The Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach has researched the connection between extractive industries and climate change and corruption.  Read their reports here

They Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns have just published their fourth article in a series on extractive industries.  The series is designed to educate Catholic organizations about ways to participate in the fastest growing divestment campaign in human history - the fossil fuel divestment movement. Read the full series here

Both these communities have worked closely with The Inter-religious Working Group on Extractive Industries,  a Washington, D.C. based coalition of faith, human rights, and environmental organizations concerned about the negative impact of extractive industries on Creation which includes both the human and natural world.  Learn more about their work here

Finally, the Catholic Climate Covenant has been exploring various aspects of extractive industries.  Explore their work here:
Shop With Your Conscience

A new web portal from Catholic Relief Services highlights their long commitment to just, faith and ethical trade.  The new web portal describes and what, why and how to consume ethically and with respect to God's creation.  They say, "Ethical Trace is a celebration of the dignity of work. It’s a community of fair trade believers dedicated to improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable by choosing to consume differently. Together, we’re creating a better world through education, advocacy and conscientious purchasing."

Explore their website and shop with your conscience here.
Not Easy but Not Impossible
Holiday Gatherings and Difficult Conversations

An article, 8 Tips to Get You Through Difficult Conversations This Holiday Season
was published in Yes! Magazine in 2017 after almost a year into the Trump Administration. Difficult conversations are often dreaded around the holidays when families mix and differences abound. This article points out tips that an make the process less daunting, even if it is still not easy.  

The most important principle: LISTEN

When difficult political discussions come up, listen first, Stout said, even to those you disagree with. Listen especially for the other person’s struggles and hopes. When people feel heard, they are more open to other viewpoints.

Read the whole article here
First Biography of Thomas Berry Preorder Discount

In the Spring of 2019 the first biography of Thomas Berry will be published by Columbia University Press. Written by Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, and Andrew Angyal, this book “illuminates his remarkable vision and its continuing relevance for achieving transformative social change and environmental renewal.”  See this flyer to preorder with a 30% discount. 

Linking Justice and Peace in the Lectionary

JPIC homily resources are availalbe from the Conference of Major Superiors of Men (CMSM) and other religious communities. The Passionist JPIC office collaborates with other community JPIC offices and we would love to see other homily resources coming from the Passionist charism. Contact the Passionist JPIC office if you would like to contribute.  If you yourself do not give homilies please consider sharing these resources with a local homilist.

Sunday, Nov. 11th by Dianne Bergant, CSA
Sunday, Nov. 18th by Dawn Nothwehr, OSF

Additional homily resources from the Ignatian Solidarity Network

Finally, he Holy Cross Passionist website features wonderful daily scripture reflections from the Passionist Family.  Three regular contributors are members of the North American Passionists JPIC Board. 
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