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Grinnell Heritage Farm - Spring CSA - Week 4
Rhubarb - 1 Bunch
Asparagus - 2 Bu.
Spinach - 2 Bags
Radishes - 1 Bunch
Lettuce - 1 Ea.

To the right are some tips on how to use each of these items.  If it's underlined, that means it's a link to a recipe.  Click on it to see if it's something you might enjoy!  If you have a favorite recipe that you'd like to share email it to the farm. 

Next Week:
This is the last week of Spring Share.  Next week is the first week of Summer CSA.  A confirmation email with logistical information will be emailed by Thursday if you're registered for the Summer Share. 

CSA Resource Links:

The video contains an overview of each share item, suggestions on how to prep the food, recipe ideas, farm happenings, farm field footage & more!  Click here to watch the CSA Video!

RHUBARB - You can't have an Iowa spring without rhubarb.  Most of us have this planted in our back yards and have enjoyed the tangy taste of mom's rhubarb crisp.  But just in case you're a transplant to the mid-west, here are a few recipes to help you along.  Raspberry-Rhubarb Slab Pie (if you live on the east side of the state raspberries are on sale at New Pioneer Food Coop!).  This recipe does call for cornstarch - here's a link to substituteRhubarb Crisp.  Looking for something less sweet?  Try Roasted Asparagus with Rhubarb Vinegar

ASPARAGUS - This week you're receiving two bunches of asparagus.  Hopefully you've been able to find creative ways to incorporate this spring veggie into your diet.  Asparagus is great in the morning with eggs, raw, grilled, baked, or steamed.  Roasted Asparagus with Garlic.  If you need to preserve it make a batch of Asparagus Soup and freeze it for a later time.

RADISHES - I love these little red treats.  Did you know you could eat them on a sandwich and grill them?  Yep - here are a few recipes to help you if you're not inclined to eat them raw.  Radish Sandwich, Grilled Radishes with Rosemary Brown Butter.


The rains have missed us for the past few weeks so we ran the irrigation pump nearly all last week.  I'm gambling today and not running the pump in hopes that we get some rainfall tonight.  Yesterday looked promising, the local news stations really talked up the storm potential for the preceding week, but we are as dry as I have seen in May.  The last two rainfall events were a few weeks ago and resulted in just two-tenths of an inch each time, so we have only received four-tenths in the past few weeks.  The fields look really good, considering the dry soils.  We have run irrigation header lines to nearly all of the fields and the drip irrigation is working well to conserve water and put the moisture into the rooting zone.  We did a final cultivation pass on the first kale field and I fully expect it to canopy over by next week if it rains.  The beets received a second cultivation pass and look as good as any beet crop I have ever planted.  Beets have a tremendous tap root and seem to thrive even in dry years, so I'm looking forward to a great beet harvest this season.  Peppers are going out today because the soils have finally warmed enough to allow them to grow and we look to transplant tomatoes by the end of the week if weather allows.  The fields look as good as I have ever seen at this time in the season (knock on wood), we just need a shot of rain to boost growth. 

Until next time, have a great week!

Best, Andy, Melissa, and Crew


The Carrot Crew has been busy weeding.  The photos above show the crew hand weeding the carrots.  This is a very daunting task, but they stuck with it.  In the first photo (upper left) you can see what has been weeded vs. what has not been weeded.  The difference is amazing!


To farm our land in a way that will leave it better for the next generation. Giving our children, grandchildren, and beyond the opportunity to harvest the bounty we see on the farm today.
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