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Postpartum Wellness and Worth

A special class for all new mommas in Santa Fe



The Birthing Tree, Santa Fe, NM

This is a special message for all of you mommas out there living in Santa Fe. In just a couple weeks, Conscious Wellness will be offering a class called Postpartum Wellness and Worth.

We want to create a space of support for mothers at any stage of motherhood, but especially you newer mommas with little ones. We know motherhood is hard and it really does change everything.

No matter if it was planned, or a surprise, or anything in between or beyond, motherhood has unexpected challenges, and we at
Conscious Wellness think it is super important to acknowledge this and share our experiences with each other.

Too much pressure is still placed on women to be perfect, to be able to manage it all, and to manage it all well, while looking good and feeling good, but that is not realistic.

Motherhood actually changes our internal compass. It changes our reference points for who we think we are, how we have known to survive, and how we have related to the world. It demands us to create new reference points.

We have all of our previous experiences behind us, and it is a little bit like starting over from scratch, and
relearning how to thrive. This class is designed to help you get in touch with your own guidance systems, to really tune in deeply to yourself and investigate what you do know: about what you need and how you can proceed going forward in a way that includes a high quality of care for yourself.

At a time when it may feel impossible to attend to your own needs, we are saying that it is possible, and essential to your wellness and your sense of worth. We are all learning this, it is not a destination to reach, but an ongoing discovery.

Life changes and so do we. Perhaps never more so than when we have children. So, consider joining us for a deep dive into your own wellness and use our class as an opportunity to create new strategies and a specific plan for yourself as a mother.

This class is for you if you are interested in addressing depression, anxiety, fatigue, loneliness, stress management, or chronic illness as a mother.


The class consists of four Saturday afternoons. You will get a chance to connect to other moms, and have time to reflect on your own experiences, feelings and needs. We will be blending activities and discussion that is designed to be reflective and therapeutic, with education about maternal mental health, nutrition, brain health, and the many different factors that come together for wellness.

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