December 16, 2015 Encounter 
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December 16, 2015

Keith’s Korner…
When was the last time you used the word amazed?  We use this word for a variety of reasons and so does scripture.  A Biblical word study of amazed will find it used most often in connection with Jesus.  The Gospel writers use this word to describe Jesus’ teachings, His power over nature, the casting out of demons, His miracles and even Pilot was amazed by His words and actions (I could list numerous others).
In Luke 2:33, Luke writes, “His father and mother were amazed at the things which were being said about Him.”  As Mary and Joseph presented baby Jesus in the temple, they were amazed by the message in Simeon’s blessing of Jesus (Luke 2:29-32). 
The older I get, the more amazed I am by the God story.  That Almighty, Sovereign God, Creator of everything would send His precious & only Son to wear human flesh and be born to a teenage mother is almost inconceivable.  That this God-man would live a perfect life and later suffer the cruelest form of death known to man- and that He did all of this for you and me is AMAZING!  Even though Mary and Joseph knew the reason for Jesus’ birth, scripture says that they were “amazed at the things being said of their son” Luke 2:33. 
Will you join me this Christmas in looking upon Jesus with amazement?  His story in our lives and in our church is taking place each day.  Let us be faithful and willing servants in the midst of this story.
I invite you to join with me and others for worship on Sunday, December 27, as we reflect more on the above passage and on the amazing ways God has worked and moved among Boiling Springs Baptist in 2015.  Also, before you pack up that Christmas sweater, let’s all wear these on December 27.  I’m working on my own sweater creation. 
I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
You are loved,
Pastor Keith

We are so thankful for the way we were remembered in such a thoughtful way when we were having sickness.
                                         Sincerely,  Eugene & Betty Washburn
To My Church,
Thank you for all of the beautiful memories made in this wonderful church with wonderful folks like you.  Thank you  for your kindness all along the way to Garland and me.
                                                                      Love,  Evelyn Allen

The Current – coming January 2016
A new and improved church newsletter will be arriving in your mailbox and/or inbox (email) by the end of December.  This new publication will be called, The Current, and will feature information for the entire month in larger print and with more colorful graphics.  All information, for this new monthly publication, will need to be in by the 20th of each month.  This will give the church office time to both publish and mail the newsletter, with the goal of it arriving in mail boxes before the 1st of each month.   The Current will be on larger paper to include all activities for the month and articles from our growing church staff.
The new name, The Current, reminds us of the significance of water in our town of Boiling Springs and also serves as a way of communicating the flow of ministry and up-to-date information.  As Jesus referred to himself as Living Water when he was by Jacob’s Well in John 4, it is our hope others will find this life giving water as well through the ministries and mission of Boiling Springs Baptist Church.  The Current will communicate the flow of our ministry and current information but it will also serve as another tool in sharing this Living Water. 
Pastor Keith & Church Staff

Preparations are being made for some possible additions to the audio / visual equipment in the sanctuary.  If you have even a slight interest in assisting in this area in 2016 please speak with a member of the staff.  Exciting additions could be coming but a good team of people will be needed for both presentation (computer) work and work with the sound board.  Training will be provided.

Music Notes from Roger Lowe:
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Luke 2:14)
It’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over. The past six months have gone by especially quickly. I guess the old saying is true—“time flies when you’re having fun!” Linda and I appreciate the opportunity you have given us to serve in music ministry together. This has truly been a blessing to us in more ways than we can express.
The music ministry at BSBC involves many people who are not often seen in front of the congregation. However, without the dedication of these people, some aspects of music ministry would not be possible. A great deal of planning and coordination goes on behind the scenes with the support of the Music Committee and other individuals who keep the music library organized and the equipment running smoothly. The dedication of Sherman Parrish and his sound system team allow those of us who are physically present for Sunday morning worship to hear all elements of the service more clearly and their ministry of sharing recordings of the services allows those who cannot attend in person to stay connected with our congregation.
Of particular importance to the future of music ministry are the directors, accompanists, and helpers who work with the children’s choirs. Their efforts brought us a beautiful program of Christmas music earlier this month. More importantly, the children involved will long remember these experiences and will carry with them what they have learned throughout life. Churches need choirs, and these groups build for the future. If you would like to participate in shaping the future by helping with a children’s choir this spring, please contact me or one of the children’s choir directors.
Our two instrumental groups and the Sanctuary choir have enhanced congregational worship experiences throughout the year. Special thanks go to Lana Henkel for her superb direction of the Adult Handbell Choir. The handbell choir will be representing BSBC in the NC Baptist Adult Handbell Festival in February. The BSBC Orchestra finished the fall season with uplifting music on Dec. 6th. Rehearsals will resume in January. While space in the corner by the piano is limited, there’s always room for anyone who wants to dust off the old horn (or any other instrument) and play. The Sanctuary choir has faithfully brought us worshipful music of praise throughout the year, and I appreciate their commitment, hard work, and beautiful voices. With a New Year not far away, now would be a great time to think about singing with us. Choir practices will resume on January 6th and run from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. each Wednesday. 
If you are interested in participating in any aspect of these ministries, please let me know. You will be surprised by the blessings you receive as you share your gifts with others.
Merry Christmas!

BAPTIST CHILDREN’S HOMES of NC will be visiting with us on January 10, 2016 during our morning worship service.  Rescheduled from Oct. 4, 2015 because of bad weather and transportation problems.
Plans are to give them hygiene products such as bath wash, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.  If you would like to donate, you may place in boxes at each end of our educational building.


Children’s Chatter from Ellen…
Are you listening?  Are you feeling happy?  The bells are ringing!  Inside our hearts are filled with joy and happiness as we are celebrating the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.  Outside, the bells, they are ringing to announce the coming of a special event.  Wherever the bells are ringing for you, I hope that it is a happy time and you are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Son of God!  The Bible says that even though we haven’t seen Jesus, we believe in Him and love Him, and because of that love we are filled with glorious joy.  Jesus is the source of the true joy of Christmas.
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. 
Romans 15:13

Congratulations to Derrick & Julie Lail on the December 12, 2015 birth of a daughter, Aspen Juliette Lail. Congratulations to grandparents, Bruce & Barbara Lail.


Sunday, Dec. 20                Sunday, Dec. 27                            
Anna Whitaker                     Sam & Darlene Hamrick
Bonnie Smith


Whacky Wesley’s Wonderful Words of Wisdom….
Greetings Adults! What’s up youth?!? This has been a great Advent season so far! You have been the Church in so many ways! Broughton Christmas dinner was great! Thanks for all the food, host families and the gift bags. We had twelve friends and nine staff from Broughton with us. You provided eighteen gift bags! Those who attended got their gift bags once they returned to Broughton. We also gave the staff a little book too! It is always a special time to share with our friends from Broughton, a tradition that has been going on for forty years!
You also did a great job supporting the Joe Webb Christmas event! Thanks to those who set up, served, and supported those two nights! We got lots of food and money for the food pantry.
Christmas Caroling to our Faithful Saints went great! We had about twenty-five people and divided into five teams. I heard great stories from our time out singing and visiting.
Reminder we will be ringing the Bell for the Salvation Army, Saturday, December 19, from 8am-8pm at Ingles in Boiling Springs. If you haven’t signed up, there are still spots open. Come out and visit us during this time! The Salvation Army is a great cause!
I have been thinking a lot this Christmas about what Jesus being born means to me. I found these words by Dietrich Bonhoeffer that express some of those feelings. “‘God becomes human out of love for humanity. God does not seek the most perfect human being with whom to be united but takes on human nature as it is.” I am grateful for his love for me and humanity. May I share his love for humanity!
Merry Christmas!

In Christ,


Basic Weekly Budget Needs………………$ 9,844.51
Undesignated Receipts……………………  15,438.20
Designated Receipts………………………    3,087.12
TOTAL RECEIPTS………………………     18,525.32
Undesignated Receipts To Date………    503,738.04
Basic Budget Needs To Date…………     482,380.99
OVER/UNDER BUDGET……………   (+)  21,357.05
Sunday School Attendance: 200
Basic Weekly Budget Needs………………$ 9,844.51
Undesignated Receipts……………………    8,424.18
Designated Receipts……………………….   2,959.00
TOTAL RECEIPTS………………………     11,383.18
Undesignated Receipts To Date………    512,162.22
Basic Budget Needs To Date…………… 492,225.50
OVER/UNDER BUDGET………………(+) 19,936.72
Sunday School Enrollment: 560  Sunday School Attendance: 178
International Missions Offering Goal:  $12,200.00
Total to Date: $1,414.00 =  Lottie Moon: $1,177.00   CBF: $239.00


                OPPORTUNITIES OF THE WEEK  DEC 20-26, 2015
FOURTH SUNDAY ADVENT              WEDNESDAY                                                    
8:00 Men’s Bible Study                        5:15 E Team (CARE Ministry)         
9:00 Missions Comm. Mtg.                 NO WEDNESDAY Activities
9:05 Prayer in Prayer Room                NO Youth
9:15 Coffee & Fellowship                     NO Sanctuary Choir
9:45 Sunday School                                           THURSDAY-CHRISTMAS EVE   
10:45 Morning Worship-Handbells      Offices Closed
 International Missions Ingathering      5:00 Christmas Eve Service
NO Evening Activities                                    The Lord’s Supper
MONDAY                                             FRIDAY – CHRISTMAS DAY
1:00 Staff Meeting                                Offices Closed
NO Adult Handbells                             
7:00 Cub Scouts                               
7:00 Boy Scouts

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