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Dear Friends,
Thank you for your interest in my writing projects. I really appreciate having a supportive community with whom to share my progress. In this first newsletter I will introduce you to my five writing projects and their status at this time. I’ve put in links to my website if you want more information about any of them.

I’ll be in touch with you again in about a month to let you know how each of these projects are evolving. Thank you again for your support. I always welcome your comments and responses.


My first novel is Leaves In Her Hair. I self-published it in 2009, and didn’t do much to promote it, so it hasn’t exactly become a best seller though many friends and acquaintances have appreciated it. I’m hoping now that I’ve entered into the wild world of social media, that it may begin to pick up.
“Peace is always within you. You need only turn, as a leaf turns in the wind, to find it, to dwell in it.”    - Derwydd

My most absorbing project at this time is my novel Never Again which is coming out this summer through Barking Rain Press. I’ve been working with their editor for several months and we have just finished the last round of editing. My role now is to do all I can to promote my novel. Social media is still a challenge for my 20th century brain, but I’m getting the hang of it. The cover art isn’t done yet, but here is a picture of a place in the mountains that is an important part of the story.

My third project is my novel The Purest Gold, which I started writing in 2009 just after the publication of Leaves In Her Hair.

It is an historical novel based on a past life reading I received back in 1969 when we lived in California. In the reading, I was one of twin sisters emigrating out West in a covered wagon with our widowed father. My imagination took off from there; and six years, tons of research, and five hundred pages later, I’m still working on it. It is basically complete but needs more editing.

My son Gifford read through it in February and gave me lots of input. But it’s on hold now because I've started on a new novel.

My new novel, working title Song of Eliria, is a sequel to Never Again. All of my novels are inspired by issues that are important in my life. In this one, my protagonist Harriet has a near-death experience in the first chapter and emerges with a gift of miraculous healing. I have often wished for such a gift when a Rolfing client comes to me with more pain than I can help, or a loved one suffers. But there could be a downside to such a gift—being overwhelmed by the need all around, questions about how much one should intervene in another’s life, and how much of healing is the responsibility of the person seeking it. I’m curious to see, as I write, how Harriet handles these issues. Presently I am sixty pages into the story, all excited by the characters and situations that are emerging. Writing a first draft is like falling in love!
My fifth project is my blog. In my posts I am writing about themes that underlie my novels, exploring them in a way that might interrupt the story if they were part of the novel. As Never Again nears publication, I will be writing more about youth and aging, as that is its central theme. After years of dancing the ceremonial long dance, I find I must also write something when Solstices, Equinoxes and cross-quarter days come up. Because I am not dancing them anymore, writing is another way to share and celebrate those magical times. I have recently put up a post about May Day.
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