Heather Starsong - August 2015 Newsletter
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Dear Friends,
It’s been a while since my last news letter because—well, there wasn’t much news.But now there is: My novel Never Again will be released on August 28th! One day before my 80th birthday. See details for ordering the book below. I’m excited to finally have this story available. It’s been four long years in the making. I hope you will enjoy it.

I continue to work on my new novel Song of Eliria and to post on my blog every couple of weeks.

As always, I am grateful for your presence in my life, and the gift of being able to share with you.

Never Again
For Never Again, my publisher has set up a preorder page. You can get a 35% off coupon for the price of the book and also a free preview of the first four chapters.

My publisher also tells me that Barking Rain Press will be celebrating its fourth anniversary in the month of September and is offering a half-price sale on both ebooks and print books, from midnight September 1 through 11:59 p.m. September 30. Here is the code for the half-price sale: BRP4YEAR

Never Again will also be available on Amazon.
I am planning to set up some book signing events around the area. I’ll send news of these when they are scheduled.

Song of Eliria

My protagonist, Harriet, has been given the gift of healing song and the ability to completely heal anyone she touches. As the story progresses, she seeks to understand how she received such a gift and who gave it to her. Gradually she is beginning to have elusive communication with presences she can only call ‘they.’

In her outer world, she struggles with being overwhelmed by the press of people, some desperate, who come to her for healing.

I am dreaming up my next chapter, in which she sings in a nursing home and heals most of the residents. What will happen when all those old folks lying around waiting to die suddenly become revitalized? Wild parties in the dining room? Angry would-heirs? We’ll see.

In my blog I am working on a series I call “In A Sacred Manner.” I am making a comparison between Eliria, the home planet of extra-terrestrial beings in Never Again, and Earth. On Eliria there is neither male nor female, no pain, aging, or death, no need to kill to eat, no violence. They are immortal beings of unconditional love who live in total harmony with their planet.

On Earth we must deal with the challenges of the need to kill to eat (yes, vegetables are also lives we take), sex, pain, aging, and death. These challenges can, and do, take us down into abysses of fear, hatred, despair, violence. But these same challenges can be transcendent if we meet them in a sacred manner. I am exploring how we might do that.  I have already posted one piece on killing to eat, two on sexual love, and one on living with pain in a sacred manner. The next ones I’m planning will be about aging and death.

Of course, I am no great authority on these matters, just speaking from my own experience and hoping to start a conversation. So if you are following my blog, please respond and share your ideas.
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