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Fatal Attraction - The Year Ahead 2017
Political rage went global in 2016, fueling a populist backlash across the democratic world and appalling terrorist violence in the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. Here are ten of the year's 1,140 commentaries published by Project Syndicate – hard-hitting yet nuanced, timely yet enduring, pessimistic yet prescient – that resonated most with readers around the world.

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Britain's Democratic Failure

Kenneth Rogoff says that the real lunacy of the Brexit vote was the absurdly low bar for success.

Putin is No Ally Against ISIS

George Soros believes that Russia's leader is intent on destroying the EU – and explains why he may succeed.

The Closing of the Academic Mind

Chris Patten warns that the main threat to universities in the West now comes from within.
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The Meaning of Brexit

Jeffrey Sachs views the UK's decision to leave the EU as a signal of the need for a new kind of globalization.

Goodbye to the West

Joschka Fischer sees little hope for the survival of the post-war global order under Donald Trump's US presidency.

The Queen's Chinese Guests from Hell

Nina Khrushcheva sees a deeper message in the "rude" behavior of President Xi Jinping's entourage in London in 2015.

The Causes and Consequences of Brexit

Ana Palacio sees the UK's referendum on EU reform, not the reform itself, as the main source of uncertainty.

Ban the Burkini?

Peter Singer thinks societies have a right to prohibit some cultural practices – within limits.

Russia's Hybrid War Against the West

Guy Verhofstadt urges Europe to strengthen its defenses against Russian electoral meddling, before it's too late.

ASEAN's Destructive Elites

Yuriko Koike worries that Asia cannot afford the political challenges confronting Burma, Malaysia, and Thailand.
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