What Parents say about “Why I Come to Group”                                   January 2016
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What Parents say about “Why I Come to Group”



Dear Friend,

We have two important announcements.

First, we will be starting two on-line "virtual” support groups next month. The online group will follow the same principles that apply to all of our regular groups: Confidentiality, Anonymity (first names only), the group belongs to its members, etc.  Groups will have a trained facilitator and will meet for one hour on Tuesdays at noon and Wednesdays at 9pm. At the outset, groups will be limited to eight people. Please encourage parents to contact Rita Higgins if they are interested in joining. Rita can be reached at or at 617-926-5008 x102.

Second, our prison support group program has been growing so quickly we have decided to create a new full-time position to supervise the groups and to start new ones.  Funding for this position comes from a grant from the Sills Family Foundation and from funds from the Suffolk, Norfolk, and Bristol County Sheriffs’ Offices. The job description has been posted on the Idealist web site at Anyone interested should send their resume and cover letter to Claudia Vigil at

Some of the parents attending our support groups want people to know why these groups are so important to them.  We feature their comments in this edition of the Parent Portal. 

Randall Block
Executive Director
What Parents say about “Why I Come to Group”

Thanks to group I was able to make it through one of the worst times of my life. When I came for the first time, I was desperate and I found supporting and caring people. Daisy

My group is a safe place to go when seemingly there is no other place. Going to group gives me renewed hope that things will work out no matter how long it takes. Mike

I was depressed at home, raising my son by myself. The group has helped me to feel motivated and every week I look forward to our meetings. Jose

I believe this group helps parents and also couples. I know it helped me to get along better with my husband. Other parents suggested that I should be a better listener. I am trying to change that. Claudia

I can’t meet every week because I work, but when I have a day off, group is the place I want to be. Claribel

Here, we feel the group is not only to talk about parenting issues, but to talk about ourselves as human beings. Maritza

My PHP group is just like a family but without the drama. Jackie

If you want to encourage someone to come to group or if you want to attend yourself, click here to find a list of active groups.


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