Everything She Knew                                                      November 2009
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Dear Friends,

Most PHP parents attend one of our support groups for a year or perhaps a little longer.  Sometimes they feel the situation is under control and they don’t feel the need to come any more.  Sometimes there is a change in their lives – a new job, a new baby, moving to another town – that makes coming to group no longer possible.  So we don’t usually get to know the children of parents who come to group very well.  Rarely do we watch them grow up.  But every so often a parent stays with PHP for a very long time and we get to see how their child turns out.  And when the child of a parent member grows up and sends us poem to publish, it’s a very special event. 
The poem below is by Brianna Dalton, a 20 year student at Regis College.  We are so grateful that we were able to help Brianna’s mother get through the tough times so that Brianna could grow up to be the young lady that she has become.
Thank you, Brianna, for sharing your poem with us.


Randall Block
Executive Director
Everything she knew
  • by Brianna Dalton
A little girl cried
Daddy why did you go?
Mommy cant answer her question
Cause mommy doesn’t know
“Baby please don’t cry”
He’ll be back someday
“baby, I cant take you to the park,…
I have bills to pay”
Like she had a hole in her heart
That everyone could see
“Daddy didn’t finish..
What he started with me”
Voices in mommy’s head
Everything loud and mean
Mommy tried her hardest
But she still didn’t feel like anything
Because of the deal she was dealt
Teachers turned away
“your daughter has bad behavior..”
Is all they had to say
Mommy’s heart was breaking..
Because she felt alone
She had no one to talk to
Just the beep on the phone
No foot steps to follow
No one to tuck her into bed,
No such thing as trust
Doubt in everything that was said
Terrors at night
Fears in her mind
She had no one to teach her rules
No one to teach her to be kind
She tried to mind her own
But she stumbled out of place
She fell in love with a boy..
Who hit her in the face
Maybe if she had a dad
to show her how a lady should be treated
She would have never felt
Like it was okay to be defeated
Mommy cried too
So she had to hide at night
She had to find ways to teach her daughter..
Battles worth the fight

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