A Mom From Bay State                                                     December 2012
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I felt totally inadequate as a mother.  I kept trying to convince myself that I could work things out but eventually I couldn't lie to myself anymore.  I was so ashamed when I went to that first meeting.  But when I got there, I was amazed to find a place where parents could talk without being judged.  I never knew that if you had a problem you could talk about it and get help instead of criticism."  - Amy W.

A Mom From Bay State

There has been a great deal of interest in the poem we presented in our last email.  Below you will find the piece in its entirety.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and that you will be moved to donate to our programs which help this parents like Kathy.

Happy Holidays!

A Mom from Bay State
- Kathy R., PHP Parent

There was a mom from the Bay State
who was full of resentment and hate
She was under great stress
Her life seemed a mess
She was so mad she couldn't see straight

When her children were naughty she swore
And said "Get outta here - there's the door
I've had all I can take
So go jump in the lake
I don't wanna do this no more"

Once she "lost it" and had a big fit
She threw things and started to hit
And when she was through
Didn't know what to do
Didn't take herself one little bit

She called up the hotline impulsively
They said "Yes, you must act more carefully
But you can't stop just like that
At the drop of a hat
There's a group for you called "PHP"

When she went there she started to cry
The group said "We understand why
But don't last out or cuss
we can help you - call us"
And they gave her an idea to try

And now when she trips over toys
And can't handle the fighting and noise
She takes a long shower
It gives her the power
To get through a hard day with poise

And she frequently uses the phone
When she can't manage things on her own
She calls a group friend
Who will listen and then
She knows she is not all alone

You can change, you can heal, you can grow
We have been there and done it, we know
That it's scary to come to a meeting
But we'll give you a warm friendly greeting
And before long you won't feel so low

So it you're at the end of your rope
Having days when you just cannot cope
Don't give up, don't despair
We're your family, we care
And where there is caring, there's hope.

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