CARMEN Newsletter June/July 2015
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CARMEN Newsletter, June 2015

Dear CARMEN member,

Please find below information about our annual meeting in September, and our usual news about job opportunities, training programs and related news.

Please pass this newsletter to interested parties and send to me ( any pertinent information for the next newsletter. As you see, this newsletter is now distributed via MailChimp with the assistance of Meghan Connolly, one of the graduate students at Western Michigan University. She has received the circulation details from me.

Dr. Kateřina Horníčková -CARMEN Secretary
Institute of Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Arts
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Branišovská 1160/31
370 05 České Budějovice, Czech Republic
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Save the Date: CARMEN'S Annual Meeting

September 11-13, 2015

In Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina

This Year's Theme: Memory and Identity

CARMEN’s next Annual Meeting will take place in Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina organised by the University of Eastern Sarajevo (, and kindly partnered by the Goethe-Institut in Bosnia and Herzegovina ( 

Join us, make friends, and discover the fascinating history of the Balkan people. It promises to be an engaging event with papers and a round table discussion on memory and identity. A series of open meetings will be held including: Forum for National Associations, ARC Medieval Press, the Balkans Workshop and the Role of Ecclesiastics in the Construction of Monarchy. Other events include workshops on publishing and grant proposals. As always there are many opportunities to get in touch with fellow medievalists.

The Market Place

The Market Place is designed to offer an informal environment where scholars can exchange information and make contact with like-minded projects or partners. Stall-holders can present their own research or that of their home institution. The initial links made here might eventually lead to people finding partners so that they can organize an international collaborative research project that has better chances of getting funded.

The market will be held on Friday 11 September between 11:30 and 12.45 (setting up the Market Place between 09.00-10.00). There you can display posters, books, leaflets, etc. Central European plugs and voltage are used.

If you are interested in presenting your research / project (powerpoint presentation, folders, poster presentation, etc.) please contact Jitske Jasperse ( The deadline for proposals is 15 August 2015.

This year’s theme: Memory and Identity

With its turbulent history Sarajevo is a well-chosen location to address the theme memory and identity, especially if we take into account that its medieval history is used in (ideological) debates about the present. Yet Sarajevo and its surroundings have an interesting medieval history as well, which can easily be related to research in the field of medieval memory and and about appropriating and manufacturing the Middle Ages. Themes such as migration, knowledge, space and colour can also be included. We welcome stall-holders who want to present research, projects, books etc. related to the topic of memory and identity, but this is certainly not mandatory.

Travel and other meeting questions

For travel and other details please visit the CARMEN website ( Participants are advised either to fly direct to Sarajevo (though there are limited flights) or to Dubrovnik, where a simple bus ride can ferry you to and from Sarajevo.

News on Jobs, Bursaries, and Research Positions

For Doctoral Candidates: Two Research positions at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Two positions with the DFG Collaborative Research Centre 1136, "Education and Religion in Cultures of the Mediterranean and Its Environment from Ancient to Medieval Times and to the Classical Islam"

Dates begin July 1st 2015 through later this year in the sub-project A 04 “Religious
Reception and Christian Transformation of Non-Religious Knowledge in the Carolingian Era”

DPhil Studentship, University of Oxford
Applicants are sought for a DPhil studentship as part of an interdisciplinary project on The mental and material laboratory of 13th Century Science at the University of Oxford. These studentships are part of the Humanities and Science program, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, designed to create new interest in, and opportunities for, research that reaches between the humanities and sciences.
This project seeks to understand the medieval interpretation of natural phenomena though interdisciplinary collaboration between two DPhil students, with backgrounds in the sciences and humanities. Our current understanding of medieval science is underpinned by interpretations of surviving manuscripts. However, a true appreciation of the contribution of the scholars can only be gained by understanding and experiencing the intellectual and material environments in which they lived.
Based in the Faculty of Theology and Religion, the humanities student will focus on the frameworks of knowledge inherited by 13th century scholars and the balance between these and original observation. The influence of Aristotle and his Islamic and Jewish commentators takes the bulk of attention in this field. A novel contribution of the humanities student will be to refocus on Augustinian influences, which are often undeservedly forgotten. The science student (already recruited) will focus on the material world that 13th century scholars had at their disposal, through which to observe the phenomena they sought to explain. By recreating the scenarios described in medieval manuscripts using the tools available to the authors, and understanding the intellectual frameworks they inherited, the students will work together to develop a rich understanding of medieval science.

Training Programs for MA and Doctoral Candidates

Summer School Digital Humanities

Sorbonne Universités, Paris, 29/6-10/7-2015ìcole-deìteì.pdf

Stage de diplomatique médiévale CNRS
Paris, 12-14 October, 2015

For MA and doctoral students

The Ecole nationale des chartes is organising, in partnership with the Université de Paris-Sorbonne, a summer school dedicated to scholarly editing applied to literary texts and historical documents in Latin and French, from Late Antiquity to the 20th century. For more information:

IEM Summer School in Medieval Studies (IEM -SSMS)
"Traveling in the Middle Ages - Portugal and the World", hosted by the  Institute of Medieval Studies (FCSH- Nova University of Lisbon)

The first Summer School will be on “Traveling in the Middle Ages - Portugal and the World” and will take place in Lisbon, during the last three weeks of July. It will include a module of study visits (Exploring medieval sites) in and around the Lisbon area.
Other News: Medieval Central Europe Research

Network (MECERN) Founded

The Organizing Committee in the Dept. of Medieval Studies, CEU wishes to announce that MECERN, founded at a conference last year, is now operative.  The aim of this project is to facilitate cooperation between students of the subject on an international and interdisciplinary basis, and initiate or support joint projects.
Interested scholars and students are invited to join by registering on the homepage Signing in allows members to search for scholars working on related subjects, time periods, etc. The NEWS, EVENTS, BULLETIN BOARD pages are open for contributions from any member.

Presently MECERN envisages two common projects.
The short-term project –in the form of an essay competition – would aim at a critical and comparative analysis of the image presented in (secondary school) textbooks in the region about the history of the Middle Ages in the countries of the region. Main interest would be the presentation of the attitudes to “ancient neighbors”, i. e., the image conveyed about the relationships between the peoples and countries of Central Europe in the Middle Ages. The competition will be open to academics, history teachers and university students. Details on the webpage under PROJECTS.

The long-term project is the edition of a research handbook on the Middle Ages in Central Europe. The purpose of such a Research Companion would be to assist medievalists mainly from outside the region to find resources and up-to-date research results about medieval (i.e. ca. 800-c. 1550 ad) Central Europe (“from the Baltic to the Adriatic”). For details, see the webpage under PROJECTS.
The next meeting of MECERN will be an international conference in Olomouc,
Czech Republic, on 31 March—4 April, 2016.  

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