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Featured Publications: March
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Legal Encounters on the Medieval Globe
edited by Elizabeth Lambourn (general editor Carol Symes)

Law has been a primary locus and vehicle of contact across human history—as a system of ideas embodied in people and enacted on bodies; and also as a material, textual, and sensory “thing.” This volume analyzes a variety of legal encounters ranging from South Asia to South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The seven essays also explore various material expressions of law that reveal the complexity and intensity of cross-cultural contact in this pivotal era.
Sir Torrent of Portingale
edited by James Wade
Sir Torrent of Portingale is a romance written to entertain fifteenth-century audiences with action-packed tales of love and adventure. It is a story about the lovers Torrent, a young knight from Portugal, and Desonell, the feisty and resourceful daughter of a tyrannical king. Adventures include fights with dragons, giants, and savage beasts; perilous sea journeys; magic horses and swords; sieges and wars in the Holy Land. This new edition collates the surviving manuscript and print fragments with commentary and notes.

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Saxo Grammaticus: Hierocratical Conceptions and Danish Hegemony in the Thirteenth Century
by André Muceniecks
Denmark of the twelfth to thirteenth centuries was a place of transitions, and this volume analyzes that period through the lens of the Gesta Danorum of Saxo Grammaticus and other sources. The Gesta defends not only hierocratic conceptions but the Danish hegemonic project in the Baltic – which was grounded in the crusade movements, presented in the Gesta through complex language and imagery about a glorious past brought to bear on the thirteenth century, while internal tensions strengthen the monarchic and ecclesiastical institutions.

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Featured "Backlist Bestseller": March
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A bestselling title from the TEAMS Middle English Texts Series:

The Middle English Breton Lays
edited by Anne Laskaya and Eve Salisbury
This volume is the first to make the Middle English Breton lays available to teachers and students of the Middle Ages. Breton lays were produced by or after the fashion of Marie de France in the twelfth century and claim to be “literary versions of lays sung by ancient Bretons to the accompaniment of the harp.” The poems edited in this volume are considered distinctly “English” Breton lays because of their focus on the family values of late medieval England. With the volume’s helpful glosses, notes, introductions, and appendices, the door is opened for students to study Middle English poetry and the medieval family alike.
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MIP/Arc Blog
Petition to Support Medieval Studies Research in Argentina
Arc Humanities Press acts as the in-house publishing house for the CARMEN Worldwide Medieval Network learned society. One of its series, CARMEN Monographs and Studies, has just published its first volume by André Muceniecks on Saxo Grammaticus. One of the series editors is a medievalist from CONICET, the national research institution in Argentina. It has a stellar tradition going back to Claudio Sánchez Albornoz. But it is now under threat from the minister of science and technology who, by far not the first of his ilk, has stated that medieval studies is not worthy of public financial support. Please read the response from Argentinian medievalists and feel free to sign the petition.

Other Blog Posts
Q&A with Chaucer
Conference Report: ANZAMEMS 2017

The 11th Biennial Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Association for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (ANZAMEMS) was held in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, from 7 to 10 February 2017. Theresa Whitaker represented MIP and Arc,  and was able to show a full range of our classroom and academic texts to those present. The conference theme, “Mobility and Exchange,” drew over 220 panelists and participants from across Australia and New Zealand, as well as the UK, Ireland, Israel, Singapore, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sweden, Canada, and the US. During the conference, Theresa was able to speak to several current authors of MIP and Arc, as well as many potential future authors, and we invite proposals from those who would like to further pursue their current projects. 

New from our Publishing Partner
Amsterdam University Press
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A New Perspective on Antisthenes
Logos, Predicate and Ethics in his Philosophy
By P.A. Meijer

This book offers a comprehensive survey of the philosophy of Antisthenes in all its aspects.

January 2017 | ISBN 9789462982987
Hardback | 222 pages | €89.00 | £70.00 | $110.00 | Order here
Arguments Against the Christian Religion in Amsterdam by Saul Levi Morteira, Spinoza's Rabbi
Translated, with introduction and notes by Gregory B. Kaplan
This is the first book to offer a translation into English-as well as a critical study-of a Spanish treatise written around 1650 by Rabbi Saul Levi Morteira.

Part of the series Amsterdam Archaeological Studies | November 2016 | ISBN 9789462983601
Hardback | 230 pages | 62 colour, 12 b/w illustrations, 3 line-art | €99.00 | £80.00 | $124.00 | 
Order here
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