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Three staff, formerly of Ashgate, have joined MIP and Arc during January. This will allow MIP and Arc to expand rapidly so that the number of titles contracted will expand to 130 (and 200 when the European History list at partner Amsterdam UP is included). By 2019-20 the output will have risen to 130 too. These appointments mark a rapid growth in the range of our publications:
  • into Early Modern Studies, through the arrival of Erika Gaffney as Senior Acquisitions Editor, who developed the renowned Ashgate list in this field
  • into Reference Works in ancient, medieval, early modern periods and beyond; and into fields where humanities scholars are making links to professions and business: including cultural heritage and digital humanities. Dymphna Evans, who created the Ashgate reference portfolio, is responsible now for these fields
  • all supported by a new Marketing Director, Anne Nolan, who was formerly Marketing Director on the Board of Directors at Ashgate.
Dean, Keith M. Hearit, of the College of Arts and Science at Western Michigan University remarked recently, "I continue to hear positive things about progress at MIP. I'm encouraged and optimistic."
Vernacular Traditions of Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae, edited by Noel Harold Kaylor Jr. and Philip Edward Philips. ISBN 978-1-58044-216-9 (clothbound)
This collection critically examines translations of Boethius's Consolatio not only into English and German but also into Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Greek and Korean.

Nicholas of Lyra, Literal Commentary on Galations, edited and translated by Edward Arthur Naumann
ISBN 978-1-58044-211-4 (paperbound)
Arguably the most influential biblical commentaries collection of all time, an indispensable guide to scripture through to the Reformation.

The Final Book of Giovanni Villani's New Chronicle, edited by Rala Diakite and Matthew Sneider
ISBN 978-1-58044-217-6 (clothbound)
The history of Florence, Italy, and Europe in the early fourteenth-century to the Black Death, showing a fresh historical sensibility of this period of crisis and transformation.

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Featured Publications for February (25% DISCOUNT)
A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of the Troubadours and Old Occitan Literature, by Robert A. Taylor
ISBN 978-1-58044-215-2 (clothbound)
ISBN: 978-1-58044-207-7 (paperbound)

John Hardyng, "Chronicle," Vol. 1, edited by James Simpson and Sarah Peverley
ISBN 978-1-58044-213-8 (paperbound)

Aribo, "De musica" and "Sententiae," edited and translated by T.J.H. McCarthy
ISBN 978-1-58044-196-4 (paperbound)
NB: Please request your examination copy should you want to use these in your course.

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New volumes of Medieval Prosopography, vol. 30 and The Medieval Globe, vol. 2.1 are available and our subscribers will be receiving their copies soon. Medieval Prosopography, vol. 31 and Studies in Iconography, vol. 37 are in production and will be available before the Kalamazoo congress in May.

TMG appears twice a year and publishes on the global Middle Ages. The first double-issue volume was published Gold Open Access and has had over 6000 downloads within its first year. TMG 1 was a thematic issue edited by Monica H. Green entitled, Pandemic Disease in the Medieval World: Rethinking the Black Death (see here for more details). TMG 2 comprises two issues, the first a miscellany of seven articles, the second an innovative and comparative approach to the study of interconnected legal cultures, ranging from South Asia to South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Librarians can order this journal in print and online, online only, or print only options; further information for individuals and for ordering here.
NEH Summer Institute
Teaching Beowulf in the Context of Old Norse-Icelandic Literature
The Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University is hosting a four-week NEH Summer Institute, directed by Dr. Jana K. Schulman, centered around the teaching and study of Beowulf and its historical and cultural background in conjunction with Old Norse-Icelandic literature. Participants will engage primary and secondary material related to Beowulf and Old Norse-Icelandic texts in translation and participate in discussions led by specialists in the field.  Folklore, religion, and material culture will all help inform participants about the world of gore and glory in which the literature is set.

Primarily intended for instructors of US undergraduate students, eligible applicants for this NEH Summer Institute include faculty members, graduate students, and independent scholars who are either citizens of the US and its territories or foreign nationals who have lived in the US for at least the last three years. Applications, contact information, and further details about the Summer Institute can be found here. Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2016.

British Library Lansdowne MS. 851
TEAMS Countdown to Chaucerian Holiday
Chaucer Hath a Blog (Chaucer Doth Tweet) began a campaign on social media to celebrate the start of April called "Whanne that Aprille day,” referencing the first line of The Canterbury Tales. Last year METS (the Middle English Texts Series, based at the University of Rochester) organized a countdown to April Fool's Day. Last year's successful event will be repeated and is a great way for students to interact with the scholarly community. The countdown starts on February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Please follow the action on Twitter and Facebook and our website
Madeline Barnes (MA candidate, WMU) interviews Dr. Susan Morrison on Waste Studies and Medieval Liminality at the 50th International Congress on Medieval Studies
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