Parshas Emor 5775


Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Dear Elmora Hills Minyan family,

The week began with the last of three presentations by our scholar-in-residence last Shabbos, Rabbi Shalom Hammer. Throughout the weekend, Rabbi Hammer shared inspiring divrei Torah infused with ahavas Yisrael and ahavas Eretz Yisrael. Click here to purchase Rabbi Hammer's book on Rav Yonasan Eibshitz's Ya'aros Devash and click here to purchase his "The Eybeshitz Haggadah: Experiencing Redemption." Thank you once again to all of our sponsors for making last Shabbos so special in the Hills!

On Wednesday night following maariv, we welcomed nearly 50 teens from Elizabeth, Hillside, Linden, Union and other neighboring communities to our Lag B'Omer bbq, bonfire, kumzits and s'mores. After enjoying fun games, delicious food and great friends, we shared divrei Torah and nigunim that inspired them to learn from Rabbi Akiva by kindling their own flame of Torah not only on Wednesday night, but every day from now on. Special thanks to the organizers and grillmasters, Jacob Savitt, Aaron Strock and Dovid Fertig for their help in making it such a successful and meaningful evening, as well as Steve Schnipper for his logistical support and supervision. You can view pictures on our new website
(hereor on our Facebook page (here).

Mazal Tov!

Mazal tov to Hindy & Eliyahu Hecht on the birth of a grandson to their children, Tova and Daniel Hadar, born earlier this morning. Mazal tov to great-grandmother, Mrs. Anita Kalish, uncle Yehuda, and the rest of the extended family. May the entire family have lots of nachas from him, may they be zoche to raise him to Torah, chuppah, and ma'asim tovim, and may the bris occur in good health at the proper time.

Welcome to our newest members, Mazal & Yaakov Weiss and family.

Shabbos Schedule

This erev Shabbos, Parshas Emor, neiros should be lit by 7:41pm, though we’ll be davening mincha at 7:00pm. Please remember to repeat kerias shema and count the 35th day of sefirah sometime after 8:37pm.
This week's kiddush is in honor of Mother's Day, please see the flyer below for a list of sponsors. If you would like to be added to the list of sponsors, please let us know immediately by emailing or by signing up through our website.

Early mincha will begin at 6pm. 

At 6:45pm we'll conclude the discussion we began two weeks ago, "The responsibilities of a Jew in the eyes of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l - Part 2." Please join us even if you missed part one!
Late Mincha will begin at 7:30 followed by shalosh seudos during which we will begin the 5th perek of Maseches Brachos and grapple with another great halachic question posed to Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein. Maariv will begin and Shabbos will end at 8:51.

From the Hills of Sinai to the Hills of Elmora, Spend Shavuos With Us
Shavuos will begin iy"H just 2 weeks from tomorrow night! Our extensive preparations for a meaningful, inspiring and uplifting Zman Matan Toraseinu are well underway and we look forward to learning with you over the 3-day yom tov.

Our Shavuos program will include shiurim from Jay Buchsbaum, Ari Lieberman, Rabbi Avraham Preil, Bennett Ruda, Tzvi Schlissel and myself (topics and times to follow next week). If you'd like to give a shiur over yom tov, please email me as soon as possible.

As always, we will be nourishing our members and guests both spiritually and physically throughout Shavuos. If you'd like to join us at our annual mouthwatering midnight bbq, please rsvp by emailing us as soon as possible. The cost is $10 for boys below bar mitzvah, $25 for everyone else. Sponsorships are available for any of the many shiurim that will be given over yom tov, as well as for the bbq.

Shiurim given on Shavuos night will be repeated on each afternoon of yom tov for those who will not be staying up.

All youth are invited to join us for "Torah Trivia & Shavuos Sundaes on Sunday" in the afternoon of the 1st day of Shavuos. More details to follow next week.
We hope you enjoy our new email format and website and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Best wishes for a wonderful (erev) Shabbos,
Rabbi Michael Bleicher
פרשת אמור
כ' אייר תשע"ה
May 8-9, 2015

Neiros - 7:41pm (Sefirah 35)
Mincha - 7:00pm
Shachris - 8:30am
Krias Shema by - 9:19
Early Mincha - 6:00pm
Shiur - 6:45pm
Mincha - 7:30pm
Maariv - 8:51pm (Sefirah 36)

Zmanim for the week of May 10-15

Sunday Shachris: 8am & 9am
S-Th Mincha - 7:55pm
S-Th Maariv - After Shkia
M/Th Shachris - 5:45am & 8
T/W/F Shachris - 5:50am & 8
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