Parshios Matos-Masei 5775


Shabbos Schedule

This erev Shabbos, Parshas Pinchas, mevorchim Av, neiros should be lit by 8:07pm, though we’ll be davening mincha at 7:00pm. Please remember to repeat kerias shema after 9:15pm.

Early mincha will begin at 6pm. 

Rabbi Bleicher's shiur, at 7:15pm, is entitled, "Zecher l'Churban." 
Late Mincha will begin at 8:00 followed by shalosh seudos during which we'll continue the 6th perek of Maseches Brachos and grapple with another great halachic question posed to Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein. Maariv will begin and Shabbos will end at 9:15.

A summary of the laws of the 9 days can be found by clicking here.
Mazal tov

Mazal tov to Rabbi Yaakov & Rebbetzin Barbara Dombroff on the birth of a grandson, Dovid. Mazal tov to the proud parents, Rabbi Doniel & Tziporah Dombroff, and the entire family.

Mazal tov to Suri & Yossie Norowitz on the birth of a granddaughter. Mazal tov to the proud parents, Leah & Elie Norowitz, and the entire family.

Mazal tov to Dr. Elie & Sylvia Schneider on the birth of a great-grandson to their grandchildren, Batsheva & Moshe Lappa. Mazal tov to the proud parents, Moshe & Debbie Schneider, and the entire family.

Mazal tov to Ruth & Michael Kolb on the birth of a grandson. Mazal tov to the proud parents, Estee & Eddie Fuchs. The shalom zachar will take place at 9:30 this evening at the Kolb residence, 46 Palisade Road. The bris will iy"H take place this Wednesday morning, July 22, following 8:00am shachris at the JEC.

Community Announcements

Stop Iran! - We join Jews worldwide in expressing deep concern about the international agreement with Iran that was struck this week. Over the next 60 days, members of Congress will be listening to the voices of their constituents ahead of a congressional vote in mid-September. Please contact our Senators and US Representatives and encourage them to vote against the "Iran Deal." 
To email your elected officials, please click here
Senator Bob Menendez: (973) 645-3030
Senator Cory Booker: (973) 639-8700 
Rep. Donald M. Payne Jr. (Union residents): (973) 645-3213
Rep. Albio Sires (Elizabeth residents):  (908) 820-0692

Support RCCS This Monday - At 7:30pm Monday evening, July 20th, the entire community is invited to attend an evening of cancer awareness presented by Rofei Cholim Cancer Society (RCCS) at the home of Jacqui & Shlomo Kimmel (185 Nottingham Way, Hillside). The program will feature a sushi and dessert reception, a keynote address by Dr. Glen Gejerman, Co-Chief of Urological Oncology at Hackensack Medical Center, a description of RCCS's work by NJ Regional Director, Rabbi Aron Steier, a personal story by survivor and RCCS volunteer, Uri Abramov, and a an inspiring video presentation. For more information and to view the flyer, please click here.
Best wishes for a wonderful (erev) Shabbos!
בברכת נחמת ציון וירושלים
פרשיות מטות-מסעי
ב' אב תשע"ה
July 17-18 2015

Neiros - 8:07pm 
Mincha - 7:00pm
Shachris - 8:30am
Krias Shema by - 9:21am
Early Mincha - 6:00pm
Shiur - 7:15pm
Mincha - 8:00pm
Maariv - 9:15pm

Weekly Zmanim
Sun. Shachris: 8am & 9am
S-Th Mincha: 8:10pm
Maariv: After shekia
M/TH Shachris - 5:45am & 8
T/W/F Shachris - 5:50am & 8
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