Lots of happenings in Nov and Dec. Take a look, come along.
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Hello darling!

A workshop whirlwind has hit. Dates have changed a little and new ones have been added! For example, the surrender + control workshop has shifted to 16 Dec.

Read on for the details.

Also, wanna explore Tantra/conscious sexuality really deeply? I thought you’d like to know about an incredible one-week upcoming training by the International School of Temple Arts. It’s amazing. I did it last year, changed my world.

The trainings happen all around the world, and there’s one in Melbourne from 30 Nov–6 Dec, Auckland 8-14 Feb, and Byron Bay 22-28 Feb.

But first…

Lemme tell you about my upcoming workshops

Breath, Sound, Movement, Attention: first steps to full-body pleasure
Sat 14 Nov, 1-2pm
@DroopFest, Footscray (Melbs)
Super limited spaces, no bookings - first come, first serve type thing

Breath, sound, movement and attention are foundations of Tantra. These things have been really big in helping me really let go in sex and get all blissful and yummy all over. This workshop explores techniques to cultivate and send pleasure around your whole body. Full. Body. Pleasure. Co-facilitated with my babe-friend Simon.

DroopFest has other cool workshops on too. Check out the FB page.

Touch meditation: mindfulness meets sexuality meets fun
Weds 18 Nov, 8-9.15pm
@The Little Mule cafe, 19 Somerset Place, CBD (Melbs)
Limited spaces, booking info TBA (it’s through Laneway Learning)

Touch is central in intimate relationships. It's one of the big ways we give and receive love and pleasure, and deepen our connection with our partner. And enjoy each other! And yet sometimes you can get all in-your-mind about touch and feel unconfident or unexcited by it: giving or receiving...

Experiencing touch in a way that feels phenomenal is about deep awareness of sensation, genuine desire and communication (verbal + non-verbal). In this workshop, we talk about what this means, learn some techniques and then practice them! It’s all very casual and fun. Yay for bringing more vibrance, pleasure and confidence to such a simple and important thing in our life: touch. Solo-facilitated by me!

Adventuring with surrender and control
Weds 16 Dec 7-9pm
@Cecil St Studios, Fitzroy (Melbs)  
RSVP! Limited spaces, taking bookings now!

Surrender + control are such a significant part of really enjoying play with partners (and life!). I talked about it in my last email... In this workshop, we’ll discuss some concepts of surrender/control, boundaries and exploration, and do some fun practices where we play with leading, letting go, relaxing, feeling safe, playing around. This’ll be a crowd-pleaser for sure. Co-facilitated with my babe-friend Shari.

Check out the FB page!

As always, the workshops are casual, fun, clothed, and way less scary than you might think. All welcome and you don’t have to bring a partner!

Keen, but a bit hmm... not sure? See FAQs at the bottom of this previous email.  

Whoo, hot stuff!

About the sexy week-long Tantra + conscious sexuality training

OMG, it’s amazing. Powerful. It includes intimacy + sexuality as a domain to explore self-development, but it relates to so much more: relationship with yourself, lovers, family, friends, self-worth, confidence, fear, love, hope, power, freedom. Incredible communication training. Truly amazing. You grow 10 feet taller and feel simultaneously light as a feather and powerful like Nina Simone.

It’s also pretty challenging! Not for the faint-hearted. Lots of experiential practices and rituals, treading your edge, throwing off bullshit. If you’re an adventurer, fwoar, you’ll love it.

It’s also pretty different. I was dubious at first: it’s got all sorts of language, aesthetics and ideas I wasn't used to. Actually, the first night of the training I sleep-talked and - so embarrassing – in the middle of the night, I announced to the room, “I don’t wanna be here! Get me out of here!” Haha. Holy shit. I was pretty weirded out by the incense, chanting, long eye-gazing. But then I was just like Fuck it, I only live once and there was something in me saying Bring It. So I stayed… And I loooved it.

This training isn't for everybody immediately. It’ll be right for you if:
  • You know there’s more to your you, your power and you wanna explore it.
  • You’ve got some things holding you back (like sexual, emotional, anxiety, familial, body-image, self-worth baggage) and you wanna kick it to the curb!
  • You’re a curious adventurer, ready for a challenge and feeling the pull.
  • You’re super keen to explore conscious sexuality, Tantra, sexual shamanism more deeply.
It won’t be right for you if:
  • You’re allergic to the word ‘energy’ or ‘personal-development’.
  • You wanna explore stuff, but don’t feel ready for anything too intense.
Find out more here, or get in touch with me to ask questions! Before I took the plunge, I did loads of research and chatted to people who had been. Ask me.

O, and all welcome: single people, couples, all orientations, all genders.
Cool. Don't forget to RSVP for the Surrender + Control workshop. I'll give you the booking link for the Touch Medi one when it's live. And I hope to see you at DroopFest!

Bonne semaine!
Caitlyn xx
Thanks for reading! Feel free to send me feedback.
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