An episode where Cait gets embarrassed, Snoop makes an appearance and you hang with your dream team.
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I hope you’re well and enjoying the new year. I’m back to work, my bike, Melbourne pals and the SexyLove Project. Lovely. 

And I'm brewing ideas for SexyLove stuff! Updates to come.

Until then,

I have a homeplay practice for you!

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The practice is inspired by my summer reading. Which I’m a little embarrassed about. 

Years ago I worked at a bookstore and snobbily looked down on those mainstream Chick Lit-type books. 
(That's me on Halloween in 2009 casting spells on Jodi Picoult and Bridget Jones.)

However, I recently watched some interviews with this particular author and fell in love with her. Last month I found her book for $2 at a charity store.

I bought it. Read it. Loved it.

Like, loved it.

And the book is...

It’s, um…

Eat. Pray. Love.


Not without it’s critical troubles, but yes. I loved it.

And I’m telling you this cos…

Sometimes I find life (and projects, goals, etc.) overwhelming. Especially at New Year—when we’re all thinking about what kind of 2016 we’d like to have. And sometimes I also just get quite sad.

Related to this, there’s a great/funny practice in Eat. Pray. Love. that really struck me. It’s a simple, powerful and cheeky way to bulk up your emotional/cosmic/self-belief powers. And get shit done! With a little more ease and support than you may be feeling now.

If you cringed at Eat. Pray. Love. like me, don’t worry cos Patti Smith is into this practice too (I’ll tell you about that).

Ok, here we go.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Lord help me!

In the book, Elizabeth is going through a super hairy divorce. Her husband refused to sign the divorce papers. In heaps of emotional and legal pain, she thought to petition god for help, but felt weird about it. She wasn’t a ‘god’ kind of person. Desperate, and on her friend’s suggestion, she gets over herself and writes the petition. 

Simultaneously serious and funny, Elizabeth reads it to her friend Iva. "I would sign that," Iva  says. And she does. Her hands busy on the steering wheel, she signs it with her heart. Then Iva asks,

"Now, who else would sign it?"
"My family. My mother and father. My sister." 
"OK," she said. "They just did. Consider their names added." I actually felt them sign it. "They're on the list now. OK—who else would sign it? Start naming names." 

Then she says,

"Listen, Liz—anybody can sign this petition. Do you understand that? Call on anyone, living or dead, and start collecting signatures."

So then she’s like, Yes! Okay! And starts calling in all her allies who want to help her get where she needs to go, feel the way she wants to feel:

"Mandela and all the peacemakers… The Dalai Lama… My Italian teacher, and my therapist… and Martin Luther King Jr., Katharine Hepburn… and Martin Scorsese… Joan of Arc.”

And so on.

Hundreds of supporters in her freedom! So beautiful! She feels buoyed.

Needless to say her husband ends up signing the divorce papers that day.

Patti Smith likes this practice too
Towards the end of her hilarious/inspiring 2010 graduation speech, Patti also talks about the creative allies you choose. Powerful stuff. Have a listen! 

Who are your allies? Who inspires you, tickles your soul?

Snoop and Martha? 
These cosmic rebels?
Your grandma, highschool teacher, bestie, hairdresser, neighbour?

Whoever it is, they’re your chosen allies. They're rooting for you. And you get to accept their support. Really.

It’s such a fucking relief not to feel like you are totally on your own. That you have all of human curiosity, creativity, to walk with you. Aaahhh!

Also know that stating what you really desire is a powerful act—people are much more likely to achieve goals if they get clear about them and write them down (read about that here). You deserve what your heart desires.

A simple practice: calling in your dream team 

Call 'em in to help you achieve things, make you laugh, rub your soul.
  1. Get a paper and pen, then get comfy and meditate for a bit. Breathe. Feel into yourself—your you underneath it all.
  2. Feel into what you want and write it down (or visualize it). For your 2016, life in general, what you’re struggling with now... You want to feel peace, a beautiful relationship, create f’ing great art, to feel confident in your own skin, that senior position, respect.
  3. Write down (or think about) all the reasons you want this stuff. Why should you have this stuff? What’ll you do with it, how will it make you feel, the good that’ll come of it? Really visualize it—taste it!
  4. Think about who you love, admire, look up to, and write their names down. They're your supporters and they wanna sign your petition! 
  5. Feel (or imagine) each of these allies arrive and settle in next to you. One by one. What do they say to you? This feels sooo good, truly.
  6. Sign your letter (with thanks) and—if it’s your vibe—address this letter to someone (the Universe, Dawkins, God, Energy, your Higher Self) with a little casual intro message.
So, this is your soul talking. And it’s your heart and the Universe listening (or maybe Dawkins, haha). But it’s for real! Let yourself feel that. Accept the support.

Ok, <<First Name>>-Power-Squad. Enjoy yourselves.

With love from,

Cait (and Simone, Kahlo and Swinton)
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