Info about upcoming workshops in Melbourne!
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So yes, I'm hosting two mindfulness + sexuality workshops the next two weeks. They're centered on giving and receiving and touch. Limited places, so get in quick!

Here's the info:
Yum Touch Part II (co-facilitated with Shari Cohen)
This Sunday 30 August, 2-4pm
66 Davies St, Brunswick (off Lygon), Melbourne
To book: RSVP - 0415698887 or email me!!!
Limited numbers available
About: This experiential workshop explores touch as meditation (with yourself and partners), different elements of touch (fire, earth, air, etc.) and how to flow with partners with effortlessness and play. This workshop can help you find ease and confidence with your own body and when in connection with others'. There'll be lots of chai and as always, it's clothed, casual + fun. Note: it's not required that you do Yum Touch Part I to participate in Part II.
Up the Bliss with Tantra: Giving and Receiving Real Good
Weds 9 Sept, 6.15-7.30pm
Captain Melville Café, CBD, Melbourne
To book: click here (via Laneway Learning)
Limited numbers available
About: In this experiential workshop we let go of what we think we 'should' do with partners and open to new horizons of authentic pleasure, play and ease. We do this through learning about + practicing different roles in giving and receiving (serving, accepting, taking, allowing). Workshoppers love this one - rave reviews! :) As always, it's clothed, casual + fun. Read more here.

You may have some Qs on what these workshops are like.. See below for some FAQs and comments from other workshoppers.

Contact me for more info! 
Looking forward to seeing you at the workshops
(don't forget to RSVP/book!).

Cait x

FAQs about workshops


Will it be fun? Definitely. This one, particularly. Playfulness + not taking things too seriously are key. This is Tantra after all: it's about pleasure and nourishment, authentically.


Will it be weird? Anything that's different can seem weird at first. It may be an unusual experience, but it'll be expansive... Possibly challenging, but that means that you grow and become more you!


Do I have to do stuff? Or just listen to you talk? A little bit of listening, mostly doing. It's experiential -- this allows you to learn things + make shifts with your mind, emotions and spirit. Powerful stuff.


Do I have to let people touch my butthole/similar? No. This workshop relates to sexuality, but it’s involves non-sexual, uncomplicated + beautiful interaction. Also, you don’t have to do anything, ever -- you’re fully in your personal sovereignty 100% of the time.


Can I hook up with people there? Not during the workshop! But it's a free world, so you’re free to meet and greet after, whatevs.


Is it for people with girl/boyfriends? Of course. This workshop can transform your relationship. It’s unlikely your partner would feel threatened, etc. Check in with them though!


I have a penis/vagina/something in between. Can I attend? Yes. All welcome.


Gay-friendly? Yep.


Who else will be there? Your friends and cool people you haven’t met yet. (Men and women.) Me. Bring a friend if you’re nervous!


People’s experiences


People who attended my previous workshops said things like it expanded my horizon with being playful/having fun with sex.. being more at ease.. And it’ll be so useful for me in everyday life, not just sexy situations.


People also said they were hesitant to come cos they thought it might be creepy or they’d have to do weird things with strangers. They were relieved that it wasn’t like that at all! (Of course! Although sexuality is discussed, all interaction is non-sexual). People described the workshop as relaxed, casual and fun. With people like me and no pressure. Yay.

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