Deets on upcoming workshops + early bird prices <3
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Hello loves!

Happy new year!

I hope you’re having a super 2016. I’m been beaching with friends and fam (and books) in NZ. Needless to say, I <3 NZ.
I’m getting in touch about the next SexyLove workshops in Welly and Melbourne. Come along!

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Hokay, here’s the intel:


Touch meditation

Really experiencing pleasure in your hands can change everythingHands have heaps of nerves, which means they’re really sensitive (your other high-density nerve areas are you genitals and lips). It's so simple, but when it comes to intimacy (and regular life), rediscovering the pleasure in your hands is powerful.

Veronica (a 20-something designer) said this about her experience at the touch meditation workshop:

"The workshop took the pressure off having to have 'mind-blowing sex skills'. I liked the practical exercises on the basics of intimacy (which we often forget) and the heightening of sensation. Cait is great at relating this mindfulness and sexuality stuff to the everyday person."

As always, the workshop will be fun, relaxing and energising (a fave combo). And PG rated.

It's on Tues 5 Jan (soon!), 6-7.30pm, Garret St, $15 koha. Come along :)
See FB for more details.


Giving & receiving—pump up the bliss!

Ok, this is one of my faaavourite SexyLove workshops. For me, it’s had lots of “aha” moments and expanded my sense of play, confidence, and surrender. It’s helped me not be so in-my-head when I'm with my lover.

In this workshop, we’ll unpack different ways we ‘give’ and ‘receive’ and discover there’s so much more to it than you thought… We learn how to open up possibilities in the bedroom with ease, confidence, excitement. This workshop empowers you to be adventurous and totally surrender in the bedroom and life.
My friend Anna loved this giving & receiving workshop. She said:

“I learnt lots of really useful stuff. Things that’ll be helpful with lovers and friends and family. I’d like to explore this approach to giving/receiving more. At first I was nervous about coming—I thought we might be ‘put on the spot’. But the vibe was really awesome. Chilled out, practical, fun, down to earth.”
As above, the workshop will be fun, relaxing and energizing, PG rated. 

Early bird price: it's $15 if you sign up before 10 Jan. Otherwise it’s $20. Very limited numbers, so get in quick.
Get tickets here and see it on FB here
If the last surrender + control workshop piqued your interest, but you were too shy to come, this one will be perfect for you. For those that attended, this is a great way to build on what you discovered :)

Please forward this email to your pals who you think’d like to come along!
Will be in touch again soon,

Cait x
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