April 2018 - Volume III, Issue IV
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The Great Learning Curve: Improving Your Study Habits

The end of the school year is drawing near, and it's easy at this point to be tempted to coast a little. The weather is warmer, and the mind probably would rather wander a bit, instead of buckling down and focusing on your studies. But finishing strong is a mark of leadership, and a quality all our members have shown, so we found a great article that might help keep students honed in and focused for these last few weeks. 

The Guardian writes:
"It was once commonly believed if students were made aware of the learning strategies that worked for them, they’d become more efficient and effective learners. As a result, from the 1980's onwards tailored learning styles became popular and theorists such as Honey and Mumford created questionnaires to help pinpoint the four types of adult learners.
They identified four distinct styles: activists – people who learn by doing; theorists – people who prefer concepts and facts; pragmatists – people who try out ideas to see how they work; and reflectors – people who watch and think. Several variations of this concept have been used by educationists, but over time they have gradually fallen out of favour for a more holistic approach."

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