Newsletter #162 for April 19, 2016
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Count Down to America's PrepareAthon! Day of Action

Photo credit: Federal Emergency Management Agency 
April 30 is the fifth annual America's PrepareAthon! national day of action, and U.S. EPA and FEMA are calling on water and wastewater utilities throughout the country to improve their resilience with a daily action count down. 

April 25: PARTNER
Join your state's Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN).

April 26: EXPLORE
Update or create an emergency call-down list. 
Save "Response On-The-Go" - an emergency response tool - on your mobile device.

April 27: EDUCATE 
Raise awareness in your community with the Public Awareness Kit.

April 28: TRAIN 
Sign up for EPA's Free Preparedness Tools Webinar to learn about new resources.

April 29: PROTECT 
Manage your cyber risk with AWWA's Cybersecurity Guidance.

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Report Reveals EPA Should Do More to Help Small Systems Achieve Compliance

A review of 84 water systems in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Kansas with Tier 1 violations in 2011 underscores the unique challenges that make compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act difficult for small community systems. The EPA evaluators behind the review identified several steps the agency should take to address non-compliance, especially in Puerto Rico and Kansas. 

Click here for information and to listen to an interview with one of the evaluators

Recently at

Public Advisories: They're Not Just for Emergencies
Utilities can use public advisories to garner community buy-in and raise awareness of the value of water.

Tools to Help Utilities Get the Word Out Fast
Planning and adopting a comprehensive public advisory framework can boost community buy-in, but that can take time many systems just don't have. This post includes information on some paid and free platforms that can help utilities get their messages out quickly and efficiently. 

ILWARN Offers Emergency Assistance for Small Systems
ILWARN is reaching out to let small systems know what resources and help are available to them.

Better ERPs Part 1: Hosting a Roundtable Discussion
The first in a four-part series, this post provides tips for how to connect water security with broader preparedness and resiliency efforts with a water emergency roundtable discussion. 

Better ERPs Part 2: Templates
The second in a four-part series with guides and tips to help small systems develop comprehensive emergency response plans. 

Free Webinar

Lead and Copper 101 Webinar Series: Part 1
Monday, May 18 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern
Hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA is hosting a 3-part webinar series discussing the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). The first will cover lead and copper federal requirements, health effects and sources, monitoring requirements, 90th percentile calculations, requirements to inform the public, and requirements related to treatment changes and new sources.

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Free Resource

Asset Based Vulnerability Checklist for Wastewater Utilities
National Association of Clean Water Agencies

This 54-page handbook includes a two-page asset vulnerability checklist, followed by guidance explaining how to use the list and going through each section in detail.

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Featured Video: Preparing Your Wastewater System for Disasters and Emergencies

Released in 2013, this video from our partners at the Rural Community Assistance Partnership is as important today as ever. Treating wastewater protects the health of your community's residents and the environment, and a disaster or emergency could disrupt treatment and put the health of both in jeopardy. This roughly 8-minute video has tips to help you be able to continue or resume treatment in your system in even the worst of situations. 

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Reading Selections

10,000-Foot Injection Well Could Change How Miami Flushes
The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department is on a mission to see if treated waste can be pumped further away from South Florida's aquifers. 

Bill Targets Lead in Schools' Drinking Water
A new bill aims to increase testing for lead contamination in drinking water at schools. 

ALP Utilities Recognized for Exceptional Commitment to Protecting Community Drinking Water Supply
The wellhead protection team in the small town of Alexandria, Minnesota has been recognized by the governor for it's efforts to safeguard drinking water. 

Shenandoah Faces Wastewater Plant Improvements
Shenandoah, Iowa's city council has approved an agreement with the JEO Consulting Group for a wastewater facility plan and nutrient reduction strategy. 

City's Wastewater Systems Gets $5.5 Million Loan
The Texas Water Development Board has approved a loan to the small town of Wimberly's proposed wastewater system without an ad valorem tax, meaning the system will be paid for entirely by its own revenues. 
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