Newsletter #167 for July 5, 2016
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Join Effort to Imagine a Day Without Water 

September will be here sooner than you think, and now is a perfect time to start thinking about how you can get involved in this 2nd Annual Day of Action to educate the public about the value of water. Last year, 185 organizations, communities, and states across the country joined forces to communicate the importance of safe, reliable water infrastructure. Their efforts generated more than 6 million impressions on social media and reached nearly 600,000 people. 

Whether you were a part of the 2015 campaign or not, the Value of Water Coalition invites you to join the movement this September. Plans are still in the works, but you can sign up to receive more information

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Developing a Better Understanding of Drinking Water Technology Approval: WINSSS Center Project B1
When EPA in 2014 chose to fund the National Centers for Innovation in Small Drinking Water Systems, their vision for the Centers was much more than developing new drinking water technologies. This post walks through the non-treatment pieces of the vision. 

Common Source Water Deficiencies
This Spigot News article covers the Ohio EPA sanitary survey or other investigatory site visits conducted at the water source and concentrates on the most common deficiencies found during the visit of small public water systems. 

Educate Decision Makers With Help from RCAP
Take advantage of increased public attention surrounding water and wastewater issues to give leaders the information they need to make more informed decisions about drinking water and wastewater operations, maintenance, and expansion. 

Tools for Transient Public Systems
There are more than 84,000 transient public water systems across the country. In this post, we share some resources tailored to help them overcome their unique challenges. 

Starting Off on the Right Foot: Basic Seasonal System Startup
Here are some things to keep in mind when you're opening your small seasonal water system.

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Keys to Recruiting Qualified Water Utility Staff
Thursday, July 21 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern
Hosted by Environmental Finance Center Network 

What are your utility’s most valuable assets? Nope, it’s not your pumps or your lines, it’s your employees. Learn how to find and recruit water utility staff. In this session you will discover the barriers to attracting job applicants and the selling points you can use to find and attract qualified employees.

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Free Resource

Direct Potable Reuse: A Path Forward
Central States Water Environment Association

This 30-slide presentation begins by discussing the California drought and resulting limiting of drinking water sources. From there, it goes on to describe emergency water conservation regulations for the state (including general, water supplier, and business restrictions); statewide mandatory water reductions; ongoing drought activities; and recycled water efforts in the state, including indirect reuse projects, advanced treatment options, operations and maintenance requirements, and cross connection programs. 

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Featured Video: 10 Tips for Saving Water in the Home

No need to wait till September to remind your rate payers of the value of the water coming from their taps. This illustrated video from the St. Petersburg Water Conservation Office in Florida is a fun way to capture viewer's attention and encourage conservation now. 

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Reading Selections

California Takes Regulatory Steps Toward DPR
California is developing new regulations for wastewater that may permit direct potable reuse, expanding on the momentum of popular indirect reuse programs.

Wastewater Wars: The Battle Over Treatment Plants in Clackamas County
This feature story takes a close look at a debate over how to solve problems in the growing Clackamas County, Oregon, where wastewater treatment plants are already operating over capacity. 

Vets Home Shows Off Upgraded Water System
After a Legionnaires outbreak that left 12 people dead last year, the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, Illinois upgraded to a state-of-the-art water treatment plant and delivery system.

New Policies Coming Into Effect To Safeguard Drinking Water
Thirteen Canadian municipalities have adopted a provincially-legislated Source Protection Plan to identify and manage threats to their drinking water. 

We Can't Experiment with Wastewater
The mayor and city council president of Coos Bay, Oregon argue against the privatization of wastewater treatment in this editorial. 

Lawmakers Urge the EPA to Reduce Its Standard for Lead in Drinking Water 
Sixty-one members of Congress have signed a letter urging U.S. EPA to lower the lead standard 10 parts per billion to align with the World Health Organization guidelines for lead contamination. 
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