Newsletter #142 for April 30, 2015
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New Star-Studded Infrastructure Movie (Humor)

Last month John Oliver, on his Last Week Tonight show, did a 20-minute segment on the value of our often-overlooked infrastructure. It concluded with this "action-packed" movie trailer, a parody of blockbuster films. We love when our industry issues - ones that we share across public works sectors - get mainstream attention, even in a tongue-and-cheek way.

Learn More about the WINSSS and DeRISK Centers

Last fall, two new National Centers for Innovation in Small Drinking Water Systems were announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These centers, comprised of partners from multiple universities and headquartered at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst and University of Colorado - Boulder, were selected to:

"conduct research; develop and demonstrate innovative and sustainable technologies; advance the state-of-the-art nationally and internationally; leverage modern data and information systems; foster interaction among technology developers, end-users, and other stakeholders; provide education, training and technical assistance; and collaborate with local, regional (multi-state), and national water technology innovation efforts."

The centers have been ramping up activities and investigating opportunities for collaboration. Both have newly-developed websites that highlight their individual three-year programs:

Career Fairs Showcase Industry Opportunities

As we all know there are a myriad of ways to work in the water industry, but most of us didn't grow up knowing exactly what that looks like. Regional career fairs, such as the upcoming event held by the Arizona Water Association, connect local governments and industry players with the next generation of water workers. These events provide an opportunity to share the diversity of roles and responsibilities as well as the importance of what we do, creating a personal connection to the industry for a job seeker.

Free Webinar

Developing and Financing a Capital Plan
May 5, 2015 at 1pm Eastern
Hosted by EFCN

Establishing a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is an important facet of the management of a water utility's assets. This webinar will provide participants with an overview of the components of a CIP. It will also highlight how a CIP, along with other best management practices such as asset management and benchmarking, can improve a utility's access to financing from the multiple federal and state programs that exist.

Click here for more information.
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Featured Video: Indigo Water Group Math Videos

This series of 13 videos from Indigo Water Group walks through the procedures for solving common water or wastewater math problems. Viewers are able to learn how to solve problems in a step-wise process by following along with the video, which demonstrates and explains each step. 

The playlist contains three unit conversion tutorials, five geometry tutorials, three dosing tutorials, one that calculates pump run time to reduce MLSS concentration, and one that calculates VSS loading rate to an anaerobic digester.

Click here to watch.
Have a great video? We're dedicated to bringing you helpful, entertaining, or inspiring videos to you. If your organization has a relevant video to share, let us know!

Share This

"Toilets aren't trash cans." #septicsmart


Share This offers useful of interesting information that can be shared with the public and other stakeholders.

Reading Selections

EPA, NASA, NOAA and USGS Creating Early Warning System to Detect Harmful Algal Blooms
EPA researchers will develop a mobile app to inform water quality managers of changes in water quality using satellite data.

10 Tips For Accurate Disinfection
To help municipalities keep in compliance and on budget, Water Online asked a technical expert to answer 10 important questions about disinfection monitoring. 

California isn’t the only state with water problems
As drought, flooding, and climate change restrict America's water supply, demands from population growth and energy production look set to increase, according to GAO report.

More: As Lake Mead Levels Drop, The West Braces For Bigger Drought Impact

What's Going On At The EPA?
Three U.S. EPA officials share their perspective on the hottest topics in water and wastewater and the current state of rulemaking.

Is your online listing up to date?
Google has introduced a new program called “Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map” to help facilitate getting small businesses online.

Troubling Interdependency of Water and Power
California, Texas droughts highlights the linkages between water and power, raising concerns about the co-management of these resources into the future.
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