Newsletter #151 for November 4, 2015
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Regional Collaboration Could be the Key to Capital Improvements

While individual utilities struggle to find the resources to upgrade systems, a financial analysis of five systems in Maine has revealed that utilities may be able to accomplish needed capital improvements if they pool resources. Led by RCAP Solutionsthe multi-year asset management planning project discovered that treating small, geographically-close utilities as a single system creates economies of scale that can't be reached individually. Hiring one construction company and buying pipes, hydrants, and vales in bulk for a collaboration-wide project, for example, can also aid in utilities' sustainability and boost economic development in the region. 

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eLearning Course Helps Small Systems Gain Financial Sustainability

Public works managers can learn more about how to establish and manage an enterprise fund through an eLearning course developed by the American Water Works Association in partnership with the Environmental Finance Center. The two-hour training also includes best practices for using fund revenues, tips for setting rates that cover expenses, and advice for how to effectively involve operators in management decisions. 

The course is free and open to non-AWWA members. CEUs are available where accepted. 

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Recently at

Templates for an Emergency Response Plan
The first in a three-part series with guides and tips to help small systems develop comprehensive emergency response plans. 

Better ERPs Part 2: Are You Prepared for a Drought? 
Be prepared with a drought contingency plan. 

Better ERPs Part 3: Is Your System Ready for Extreme Weather Events?
Part three of a series designed to help utilities build robust, comprehensive emergency response plans. 
Freddy the Fish Teaches about Stormwater (VIDEO)
Outreach video uses kid-friendly approach to teach the public about stormwater.

Free Webinar

Free Preparedness Resources for Water Utilities
Tuesday, November 10 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern
Hosted by U.S. EPA

This webinar will feature short presentations on four new tools: Water Quality Surveillance and Response Systems (SRS); Water/Wastewater All-Hazards Bootcamp Training; Public Awareness Toolkit; and Power Resiliency for Water Utilities. The webinar will benefit water utility operators and managers, state and tribal primacy agencies, drinking water and wastewater utility stakeholders, and water utility partners and associations. CEUs will be available for participating states. 

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Free Resource

Developing and Financing a Capital Plan for a Water System
University of North Carolina Environmental Finance Center and the Environmental Finance Center Network

This 59-slide powerpoint was presented at a webinar event hosted by the Environmental Finance Center Network during which participants learned about creating a capital plan for their water system, viewed a demonstration of the UNC Environmental Finance Center’s “What to Include in Your Capital Plan” Tool, gained an understanding of the spectrum of financing options for water infrastructure needs, and compared/contrasted grants versus loans and other more sustainable funding sources. 

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Featured Video: Drinking Water Systems Series

Our partners at the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) have created a series of six videos explaining the typical ways surface water is treated and delivered to customers—covering everything from raw water intake to distribution systems. The series is designed to help leaders, board members, and other decision-makers in small, rural communities understand the resources and expertise needed to produce safe water. 

Click here to watch the introduction and visit the RCAP YouTube page for the complete series.
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25,000 Americans died of typhoid in 1900. By 1960, that had fallen to 20 thanks to the use of chlorine in water treatment. 


Share This offers useful of interesting information that can be shared with the public and other stakeholders.

Reading Selections

Simplifying Flow Meter Calibration 
In this Q&A, a plant superintendent and regional sales manager for McCrometer discuss things to consider when selecting a flow meter. 

Company Aims to Sell Groundwater from Mojave Desert
Cadiz, Inc. plans to pump as much as 16.3 billion gallons of water a year from the Mojave Desert aquifer to sell to public water districts in southern California. But the Bureau of Land Management has determined that the company's proposed pipeline will require review. 

The Growth of the Water Beat
This editorial highlights the challenges of covering water issues in the media and points to some outlets and organizations that are doing it right. 

Phone Wait Times Found the Leading Source of Customer Ire

A review of hundreds of email complaints sent to the Louisville Water Company reveals that ratepayers are most aggravated by long hold times. 

PA Gov Announces $51.7M Investment in Water Infrastructure Projects Across State
10 critical drinking water, wastewater, and non-point source project in eight Pennsylvania counties are getting financial support from a combination of state funds, federal grants, and recycled loan repayments. 
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