Update From the Callaway Family: Missionaries to Zambia
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Ephesians 3:20
Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us
Our Priorities:

Create and Sustain Training Centers for Church Planting

Evangelize and Disciple People in Surrounding Areas of Training Centers

Strengthen and Edify Leadership of Previously Established Works
Our Passions:


Where God is working and join Him

God's face in all that we do

God and those He puts in our path

End of the Year

It's hard to believe that 2018 is almost over. Again, as every other year, this one has flown by and the only difference is that is went faster then last year.

This vision that the Lord laid on my heart before we came, continues. He not only continues to fulfill this vision but He has added more and taken away some. One of the biggest blessings that I have learned throughout my walk with the Lord is the principal of Seeing where God is working and joining him. Applying this principal, comes with proving and challenges but at the same time it takes the pressure off of what we are suppose to do. He shows us and we are just to obey.

Below is a list of works that we joined the Lord in:

Mission Stations in Serenje, Mwinilunga, and Kitwe West:
Many of you know about the mission stations from past updates but I can't stop speaking of them. All are in a different place but each one of them are growing by the hand of the Lord. Missionary Gift Kapika is going strong in Serenje and we are looking at starting a Bible Institute in May of next year. Kitwe West has gone a little slower but we now have a Poultry House built and on January 3rd we will start raising 100 birds. Jarias Mupenda has been a faithful missionary in Kitwe West for many years. We are praying that the Poultry House will provide for him personally and financially provide for the furtherance of the gospel. Mwinilunga continues to move forward with the promise of fish ponds that have the ability to help with all of GCMS ministries.

This ministry continues to move forward in a strong way. We have broke down One2One Discipleship in 4 levels. Level 1- Pastors have attended a Discipleship Workshop, Level 2- Pastors are now training their Leaders, Level 3- Leaders discipling individual members, Level 4- Members discipling members and those they are leading to Christ. Like churches in the states there are some who want to be involved and there are those who don't. To this point many of the churches are in Level 2 but there are a few where members are starting to be discipled. One thing we have to continually remind everyone is that the focus is on relationships and not the lessons, the lessons are only tools used to help build relationships. The Director of Discipleship, Pastor Fordson Kapupa continues to do a good job. Please keep him in your prayers.

Pastor Alex Chipi, Crystal, and Family:
Many of you know that they have moved to the mission to help while Tammy and Titus are out of the country. While being here God has revealed to them that they are to commit to ministering here at the mission. Crystal is GCMS stand in treasurer until Tammy returns. Pastor Alex is now the Dean of Students at North Star Bible Institute. He has a passion to teach the word of God to the students who God brings to the Institute. In 2019 we will be working hard on Evangelism outreaches throughout the villages and towns. We are truly excited that they have submitted unto the Lords leading and are here at the mission until the Lord leads them to another place to minister.

Youth Music Festival:
In August we had a Youth Conference here at the mission. The theme was," Now unto Him be the Glory". God laid this on my heart because I truly believe that many do not know their purpose, and our purpose is to give God glory throughout every area of our lives including Praise. Each church that came could participate in 3 areas: Making a Song, Memory Verse, and Bible Quiz. Rather than the churches competing against one another they were competing against themselves where they would work towards marks that would give them the score of Satisfactory, Good, or Excellent. Many gave their lives to the Lord and many rededicated their lives. Needless to say it was very successful because it was centered around God's Word.

Healthy Church / Restoration:
This is the ministry that I had not planned for but God made it clear that this is a direction that we must move. There are many churches that are struggling and in an unhealthy state. Dr. Sarra and myself put on a Pastor's Refresher with the same theme. John focused on the family and the Lord led me to a place of structure that has a blue print that the churches can apply. A healthy church starts in the home. If the home is unhealthy then the church will be unhealthy. This course has now changed from a Pastor's Refresher to a Leadership Course. We have had it here at the mission and in Lusaka. In 2019 we will be having it here at the mission for other GCMS leaders and will be taking it to Solewzi and possibly a town called Mongu. A church will reproduce after it's own kind, so our desire is to help the churches get back to a place of health so that what they then reproduce is a healthy church. We have started a Restoration Ministry where there are strong Pastors going into struggling churches and starting to help them come back to a place of health. Please be in prayer for this ministry.

2019 is going to be an exciting time for me personally and the ministry. As many of you know, Tammy and Titus have been in the states for the past 3 months visiting family and spending time with Tamm'y mom, Carol Specker, who has cancer. Please remember Carol in your prayers as she walks through this season in her life. Lord willing Tammy and Titus will be returning to Zambia at the end of January. Please be in prayer, the only thing holding us up is getting Titus' passport. I had to go to the US Embassy in Lusaka and sign a form that gives Tammy permission to get Titus' passport without me being there. They need the original document, so I  am sending it back with John's family who are currently at the mission visiting for a memorial for Lorna. It has not been easy being separated from my family for such a long time but one thing I know to be true is that God has given me a stronger appreciation for family.
This coming year we will be focused on Evangelism and our General Conference in August. Maple City Baptist Church have committed to come and be a part of the conference and see what God is doing here in Zambia.

As you can see, God has been moving and we have been moving with Him. He has done so much in the lives of many and I have no doubt that He is going to continue. It has been an honor to be a part of the work of God. Until we hear the trump we will continue running that we may obtain. My encouragement is that you too would continue to run. Don't give up because Jesus is worth the Journey. One day we will stand face to face with Jesus, may we all be found blameless on that glorious day.

1 Corinthians 9:24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

1 Thessalonians 5:23 And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Serving the Lord,
GCMS Women Leader's Course

Every year GCMS has a women leaders course that is held in a specific district for all the women leaders of GCMS churches to gather under one roof corporately.  The purpose is for the women ministry leaders to be taught on a specific subject so they themselves can minister to the women in their local churches.  This year they chose the theme, "How to overcome temptations and sin."   We know that this can be a tough subject for many nationals,  for many continue to hold on to culture and traditions that go against the Word of God.  When it goes against the Word of God, that's when it becomes sin.

.  Not only did I teach but, several of the Women Leaders of the ministry taught as well.  It was really awesome how the Holy Spirit orchestrated each teaching to tie it all together for His purpose.    I also had felt led to show the movie, The Passion of Christ, on the day that I taught.  As many know that have seen that movie it is a very graphic movie.  I wanted the women to be able to see what our Lord and Savior truly did for us because He loves us!  They know what the Word of God says but I wanted them to visualize it, so they really knew!
There were ladies who couldn't watch, some were covering their faces.....but I was waiting for the tears (true brokenness for what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ endured for us) many of the women here do not cry as it is a sign of weakness.  I was praying Lord how can anyone that claims to be a believer in Jesus Christ not have any brokenness for what you did for us?  Then there it was, women shedding tears (not all) and it became the topic of conversation that evening and into the next day for what Jesus Christ had endured for us on that cross! He became even more real to them!  I truly believe we had a successful Leader's Course.......Praise the Lord for all He did in and through these women.  Many did not want to go home, they wanted to stay to be under the teaching of the Word of God! 

Mission Station

A couple of weeks ago Pastor Mwansa, Rev. Sidney, and myself spent the last 4 days in Mwinilunga planning out and harvesting part of a fish pond. 6 months ago we stocked 4 ponds with 500 Tilapia each. They weren’t as big as we hoped but we were still encouraged by what we came out with. We learned a lot and are very hopeful to what next year may bring. With God’s blessing this project will be able to provide for much of the GCMS ministry. Please be in prayer for the missionary, pastors and teachers in Mwinilunga. To see more pictures and videos you can go to our FB page, seeseekserve.
Source of the Zambezi
One of our highlights from the trip was we had the opportunity to go 1 hour north of Mwinilunga, near the Congo to see the source of the Zambezi River. For those of you that have been to Victoria Falls or even seen Victoria Falls in Livingstone might be surprised. It doesn’t start as a raging stream but as a still small spring. There were some Americans in the past that came to prove the source. They followed it all the way from this tree stump, the source, to the Indian Ocean. Something so small that produces something so powerful.
Pastor's Refresher
Kafulafuta / Lusaka


We had a Pastor's Refreshers Course at Shiloh Bible Baptist Church in the town of Chongwe right outside of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. The theme was the same as at Kafulafuta BB Mission Station, "A Healthy Church". The response was wonderful and I truly believe that the Pastors are going to implement what they have learned. Since the Refresher's Course the teaching has been made to be a leadership course. To see more pictures and videos you can go to our FB page, seeseekserve.

Alex, Crystal, Baby Z (Zipporah),
and Baby H (Hadassah)

The Chipi family came to help here at the mission when Tammy and Titus went back to the states. Crystal has been GCMS stand in Treasurer until Tammy gets back. Since they have been here God has revealed to them that this is where He wants them to stay and minister. Pastor Alex has now taken on the role of Dean of Students at North Star Bible Institute. We thank God for this family and their desire to invest here at Kafulaafuta which in turn will make an impact on eternity.
John Sarra and Family
Memorial For Lorna Sarra

John's children, Aaron and Sherrie came with their families to take part of a memorial service for Lorna Sarra. Some arrived on Christmas and others came in on the 26th. At the memorial which took place on Friday the 28th, John and each member of the family took a moment to share with everyone how Lorna made an impact on their lives. It was quite overwhelming to hear how she made a difference in the US, Zambia, and God's Kingdom. Immediately following the memorial we went down to Kafulafuta River where John Sarra had the privilege and opportunity to baptize 3 of his grandchildren. This has been a week that will be a part of everyone who experienced this wonderful occasion. Balesa Bachindicwe! To God be the glory!
Did you Know?

Lake Karimba lies on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The lake is 138 miles long and at it's widest point measures 25 miles. Covering 3,467 square miles and with a holding capacity of 114 cubic miles. It is the largest man made lake by volume in the world. It's massive size is able to fool visitors into thinking that they are looking at the ocean. It is so large that it has it's own islands. 


Time with Tammy
Greetings Y'all,

So, this is my mother Carol whom you have been praying for!  Please continue praying for her as she continues on this life's journey until the Lord calls her home!  She is much weaker than a year ago and has decreased stamina  but, she continues on!  She loves her coffee and sweets (she is a noncompliant diabetic for sure).  She said something the other day that is quite profound,  "When I'm visiting with someone....I want to visit.  I don't want the person I'm visiting with to be on their phones while we're visiting. I like to visit."  ( Folks, we need to put down our phones, and visit with our loved ones. Quality time is far more important than the quantity.)  Give our complete undivided attention to the one we are visiting with, as we may not have tomorrow.  Mom, thank you for such a simple but profound you!

Titus and I returned to the states early October to spend some time with my mother, as she has lung cancer and they had found a new mass on her opposite lung, so now she has lung masses in both of her lungs.  She has gone through some chemotherapy and radiation treatments of which at this time she has completed.  She is not able to do as much as she use to... but, she still is able. She may get tired more easily and have to take naps more frequently.... but, she is still able.  She helped me make Christmas candies....even though she tired easily and had to take a sit down break.....she is still able.  

I'm very thankful for this opportunity to be able to come home and spend sometime with my mom and family!  Please continue to pray for her as goodbyes are always hard and that time is coming very quickly...... as I am so ready though to be at home with my beloved! 

Titus has had a much busier schedule than I have when it comes to hanging with his friends!
He has gone camping and fishing, Clay Pigeon shooting, bowling and catching up on Xbox with better wifi.......and yes of course homeschooling!   Please pray that we can get his passport renewed in a timely fashion, as there are some hiccups concerning it.  We are wanting to return to Zambia the end of January no later than the first week of February.

Please be in prayer for me as I prepare to speak at a Women's Conference on January 26th here in Kansas City. 

I want to thank you for all your love, prayers and support!

Love y'all,
  • John's Family Made it to the station safely
  • Many Pastors are now applying discipleship within their churches
  • Alex, Crystal, Baby Z, and Baby H are now here at the mission
  • People being saved and discipled
  • The sell of a piece of property, just waiting for the title transfer

Prayer Requests
  • Restoration Ministry
  • New Trimester of NSBI starting on January 8th
  • Tammy and Titus' return home
  • Continued involvement of the churches in discipleship
  • 2019 Healthy Church Leadership Courses: Solewezi and Mongu
  • Vehicles for the Mission Station
  • Tammy speaking at a Women's Conference o January 26th 
  • New Director of Works here at the mission, Wingstone Chitambala

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