September 2016

New look 'Special collections' in VOCEDplus

VOCEDplus contains a number of special collections compiled by the VOCEDplus team that allow users to quickly browse sets of records within collections. The Special Collections page has been given a new, more user friendly look and the Key research and policy by region collection now has its own landing page. The Equity in Australia resources have been transferred to the VOCEDplus Pod Network and feature in the Resources section of the Equity Pod.

The special collections are a diverse group with varying purposes and backgrounds. One of the most used collections is the Australian landmark reports - this collection comprises three categories of reports: national VET, State/Territory VET, and national higher education (HE).

Other special collections include the adult literacy resources of the Adult Literacy National Project (ALNP) and Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Programme. Other collections are the Reframing the Future resources and the Pathways for practitioners resource.

Take some time to explore these new pages and let us know what you think.

The VOCEDplus Pod Network continues to grow

The VOCEDplus Pod Network recently expanded to include six new Podlets:

Adult learning
Apprenticeship models
Competency based training
International education
Training packages
VET in schools

More new Podlets will be added in the coming months on topics including: Adult and community education; Continuing education and training; Education and training pathways; Communities of practice; and Assessment.


'Suggested reading' sections on Pods and Podlets

Have you used the new 'Suggested reading' sections on the VOCEDplus Pod Network Pods and Podlets? These sections are being rolled out across the VOCEDplus Pod Network and contain a small number of key research pieces, on topic, from across a broad date range. If you are commencing a research project then the 'Suggested reading' sections may be a great place to begin.

Did you know the VOCEDplus microfiche archive is being digitised?

Many publications from the 1970s and 1980s that were previously only available on microfiche have been digitised and are now in VOCEDplus as PDFs you can download for free. We are currently working through a set of 500 documents about South Australia.

See VOCEDplus Highlights to view a snapshot of the latest additions to VOCEDplus


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