September 2015

New VOCEDplus poll about skill shortages

A skilled workforce is important for economic growth. Identifying and responding to the emerging skill needs of industry is a key challenge for vocational education and training systems around the world. Our latest online poll is asking if VET/TVET qualifications address skill shortages in your country. Give us your view by voting in our poll.

Meet Kelly from VOCEDplus at the New Zealand Vocational Education and Training Research Forum

Are you attending the New Zealand Vocational Education and Training Research Forum 2015 in Wellington, October 20-21? If yes, come and hear Kelly Frazer (@KellyFrazer) present on the benefits of VOCEDplus as a tool for researchers and practitioners. The presentation titled 'Got VET questions? VOCEDplus has answers' will provide a guided tour of the features and services of the website highlighting:

  • How to maximise the potential of the powerful search functionality
  • Features that enable easy access to key information
  • Specialised services and tools to assist with research
  • How researchers can showcase and preserve their own work via VOCEDplus

Have you used the VOCEDplus expert search yet?

If not, give it a go. It allows you to build and execute complex searches of the VOCEDplus database. While using the search box does require knowledge of VOCEDplus indexed field names and an understanding of the search syntax, we have included a query builder that lets you select and add VOCEDplus indexed fields to the search box from a drop-down list.

More information on using the expert search can be found on page 6 of our easy to follow VOCEDplus user guide available on the Help page.

The VOCEDplus team can also provide customised training for groups of individuals to suit your needs. Refer to the Client Service Charter for terms and conditions. Contact us via Ask a Librarian to discuss your training requirements.

VOCEDplus call numbers explained

There are a variety of call numbers in the VOCEDplus collection as a result of the historical development of the collection. VOCEDplus grew out of a range of small collections held in various offices across Australia and New Zealand.

All call numbers begin with TD which originally stood for TAFE Document, then Training Document and now simply The Document.

The alpha codes after the TD/ include:

  • ACT for Australian Capital Territory
  • ALNP for Australian Literacy and Numeracy Project
  • ANTA for Australian National Training Authority
  • APSDIN for Asian and Pacific Skill Development Information Network
  • INT for International
  • LMR for Landmark reports
  • NSW for New South Wales
  • NT for Northern Territory
  • NZ for New Zealand
  • QLD for Queensland
  • SA for South Australia
  • TAS for Tasmania
  • TNC for The National Collection and previously TAFE National Collection
  • UNEVOC for UNESCO's International Project on Technical and Vocational Education
  • VIC for Victoria
  • WA for Western Australia
  • WELL for Workplace English Language and Literacy Programme

See VOCEDplus Highlights to view a snapshot of the latest additions to VOCEDplus


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