I Hear His Whisper . . .
Find me in today.
This is the day that I have made. Aim to find me in it. Seek to discover the joys I have for you. Believe that I am with you, in you, and for you. All you need—not just to get through this day but to enjoy it—is found in me. Let me be your confidence, your identity, and your provision. Draw from the river of my presence that refreshes you from within.

Every day I offer you the joy of fellowship with me. I love the way you turn to me, even in your busyness, and offer me your thoughts, your song, or your glance. One movement of your heart toward me means more than pious words spoken out of duty. I want you to enjoy our communion and to trust that regardless of what the day holds, I am walking through it with you. Do you feel the movement of my heart drawing you closer today? Take a deep breath, grasp my hand, and trust me today. That’s all I ask: take one day at a time and find the beauty of my presence within it.
Psalm 118:24
The Passion Translation
This is the very day of the Lord that brings
gladness and joy, filling our hearts with glee.
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The Wilderness: Where Miracles Are Born
“How long, O Lord?” “When will you answer my prayer?” “Why must I wait so long for your promise to be fulfilled?”

Even though lovers of God experience fullness of life, they still face unexpected trials, unpredictable difficulties, and seemingly unsolvable problems. Every child of God will have a wilderness experience, but not everyone has to have a wilderness wandering.

In The Wilderness Brian and Candice share some of their difficult seasons as tribal missionaries in Central and South America. Combined with the wilderness encounters the Israelites faced, these stories will help you understand your own challenges of faith, delayed answers to prayer, and miraculous interventions that display God’s glory.

God wants to bring you from the wilderness to a miracle. You will make it through to the other side and discover God’s heart of love for you!
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