I Hear His Whisper . . .
Peace is my gift to you.
When anxiety fights to take hold of your heart and chaos tries to consume your atmosphere, invite me to be your peace. When you have no strength to step beyond the line of stress that the enemy has drawn, bow before my presence, and I will come running. I will carry you to safety. I will be your Jehovah-Shalom. I will give you peace that goes far beyond what your mind can comprehend.

When all you can do is breathe, reaching for me with weary, shaking hands, it is enough. You don’t have to fight for my attention. You have it. I am here with you, right now. I am the Prince of Peace. My love for you is powerful enough to consume all angst. Hopelessness, confusion, and fear cannot exist in my presence. When you’re bowed low and overwhelmed, simply yield in full surrender as I unglue the heaviness that tries to bind your soul. My love will still your anxious soul. Peace is my gift to you.
John 16:33
The Passion Translation
Everything I’ve taught you is so that the peace which is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me. For in this unbelieving world you will experience trouble and sorrows, but you must be courageous, for I have conquered the world!
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John: Eternal Love—12-Lesson Study
Guide, Second Edition 
This Bible study guide is designed to help you discover God’s love through John’s magnificent historical biography of the Son of God. Each uniquely-crafted lesson opens with an introduction and key verse to reveal important themes. 

Four sections guide readers through John in a way that will help you discover, explore, experience, and share the heart of God more deeply. John wrote his gospel so that you will fully believe in Jesus.
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